By Grace Knoop

During these first weeks of the Spring semester, my grandma sent me two care packages filled with my favorite snacks. Well, our favorite snacks.

You are probably expecting me to tell you all about the Cheetos and ramen and chocolate chip cookies my grandma sent me, but one of my highlights was the package of cinnamon-dusted almonds.

The box she sent me was filled with nut mixes, dried fruit and every snack you would expect your grandma to enjoy — and I loved everything.

I have had a weird and “old” food palate since I was a little kid, which easily embarrassed my entire family. When I was five years old, my carpool stopped at the McDonald’s drive-through. Everyone started ordering their Happy Meals, and then I chimed in with a turkey sandwich with American cheese order — silence in the minivan.

I still get embarrassed by that story to this day, even though I thought it was a reasonable thing to order at a McDonald’s.

Along with my McDonald’s order, my orders at different restaurants never reflected my age. At 10, some of my favorite meals were mussels, lobster, different types of meat such as lamb and even the little tentacle pieces from the fried calamari plate that we would get for the table.

I was not only the weird 10-year-old eating calamari tentacles and lobster, but I was always the one who ordered the most expensive meal at the table. My parents always felt gypped. A 10-year-old is supposed to order macaroni and cheese or cheese pizza. Instead, they would look across the table to see me cracking lobster tails with a bib around my neck.

At 20, nothing has changed. I love a good turkey sandwich and, of course, my care package filled with assorted nuts. Some of my favorite snacks are dried mangoes and pumpkin seeds.

I usually get a phone call from my grammy telling me what’s about to arrive before I get my package. Lately, my snacks have been coming from an Amish village grocery store in my hometown. And according to my grammy, they make the best snacks.

Is it weird to look forward to a handful of flavored almonds from an Amish village at the end of the day? Of course. I can’t argue with that. I’m weird. I’m a college student with an obsession with dried fruits and nuts when I should be chowing down on ramen instead.

But I do have one advantage: No one steals my snacks. I never have to deal with my friends knocking down my door to get in on my snack box. I get to look nice and offer up my snacks to my friends because I already know their answer will be a solid “no.”

I have the palate of an 80-year-old, and I am not embarrassed. I love my nut mixes and dried fruit and turkey sandwiches — McDonald’s should look into adding that to their menu. It would definitely fill the void for all the 80-year-old five-year-olds out there.