By Grace Knoop

On Monday morning, I woke up at 6:45 a.m. and had an energy drink. After dragging myself out the door, I went to practice — I’m on the Boston University figure skating team. Then, I nourished myself with an almond milk latte as a recovery drink.

While that’s a lot of caffeine, it honestly didn’t affect me. I took a solid nap after ingesting a worrisome amount of it.

After I woke up to my alarm, I quickly realized that I might have a problem.

One energy drink equals about four cups of coffee, according to NBC News. That, combined with my extra latte, equals five cups of coffee before 10 a.m.

Five cups of coffee are one thing, but to be able to take a nap after that? Sound the alarms. 

I spent the entire rest of the day worried about my caffeine addiction. I get enough sleep — six hours is my minimum. I can’t function the next day if I sleep less than six. But, sleep is not my problem.

Then, I started thinking about the start of my caffeine addiction. I wouldn’t have even a sip of coffee before my senior year of high school. I thought it was gross, and I was never tired enough to need an extra boost of caffeine.

Then I started to force myself to drink coffee. Like most teenagers, I wanted to look cool. I wanted to be that cool girl who drank black coffee.

I first started by drinking a black coffee with a splash of almond milk and I was disgusted. But I was so dedicated to the image of drinking black coffee that I kept going on.

Weeks went by, and it started to taste good. But looking back on it… that was the beginning of my caffeine addiction. I didn’t just magically wake up enjoying coffee’s taste. It just became a part of my routine.

I woke up, got dressed and had my cup of coffee. I ingrained that into my 17-year-old brain and look where I am now.

How did I go from hating coffee and not needing a drop of caffeine to five cups before my 10 a.m. nap?

My caffeine addiction is a problem at this point. Not a day goes by when I don’t have some sort of caffeine in my system.

I have decided right now that I am going to change that. I know that I can’t just stop cold turkey, and I don’t want to. I love coffee, but energy drinks can be tossed into the garbage.

My 17-year-old self started by just trying to look cool with a black coffee. I have now taken that to the extreme as a tired college student.

Goodbye, energy drinks. You will not be missed.