By Julia Furmanek 

As anyone who’s taken enough rides in my car will tell you, I am not the most organized person. I’m actually quite the opposite of organized. Back in high school, my maroon Toyota housed a pretty eclectic assortment of trash, and the jingle of empty Red Bull cans clinking together was ever-present on my vehicular escapades. In all the years I’ve spent driving, my cars have always been a heap of chaos.

Recently, however, I turned 21. With the realization that — at least culturally — I am now a full adult, it has come to my attention that the mess that might’ve made me seem like a manic pixie dream girl at 16 isn’t all that romantic anymore. And so, I decided to make a change: It was high time my car had a makeover.

It started with a simple trip to the car wash — a place I hadn’t visited since getting my license. Despite my inexperience, the excursion proved to be a very relaxing start to my day: with an iced coffee in one hand, the steering wheel in the other and “Ladyfingers” plunking lightly on the radio, I watched as rainbow soap dribbled down the windshield in spontaneous technicolor. Of course, this was the easy part — it was the inside of the vehicle that harbored the real mess. Hour after hour, I chipped away at my months of neglect, uncovering miscellaneous treasures as I went, until there was nothing left to clean.

Seeing my car in all its freshly-vacuumed-with-a-brand-new-vanilla-scented-air-freshener glory felt like staring at a blank canvas. I finally had the space and motivation to try all those decorative trends you see on TikTok. Finally, I could add the grass mats, the tiny garden on the dashboard and the special decals to my sunroof I had envied for so long. After rifling through Pinterest boards for inspiration, I had an idea of my own.

I drive a white KIA Soul (I know, don’t hate me.) Because of this, I had a unique opportunity: With the addition of some irregular black spots, I could become the proud new owner of a cow-print KIA Soul. I ordered a set of $30 cow print seat covers and a roll of black, self-adhering vinyl, cut the vinyl into splotches, stuck ‘em on and that was all she wrote.

Within a couple of hours, my car went from a trash heap to the cutest vehicle on the street, and I couldn’t be happier. If you have a car, bedroom or closet you’ve been letting go of for too long, this is your sign to do something about it.