By Katrina Liu

Have you ever heard a song that just makes you want to dance? A song that is so unbelievably catchy that the first time you hear it, you think “wow, this song is addicting”?

Or maybe you’re like me, a dancer of 14 years, and automatically make up choreography in your head when you hear a song with an intense groove.

Nonetheless, I’m sure most of us have experienced something similar. With “Daydream” by The Aces, my first thought while listening to the opening notes of the song was that it would be stuck in my head for the next week.

The Aces are a band from Provo, Utah. The four members consist of Katie Henderson, McKenna Petty and sisters Alisa and Cristal Ramirez. Their music straddles the line between indie and alternative pop. Their most popular song, “Stuck,” has been streamed nearly 14,000,000 times on Spotify and peaked at 38 on the Billboard Alternative Songs chart in December 2017.

With its clean-cut drums, its tight baseline and the precise vocals, “Daydream” is just a feel-good song. It’s a song I can’t wait to blast once I’m able to drive to the beach again with my friends. However, the highlight of the song is its amazing guitar riffs, so huge props to Henderson for executing that so effortlessly.

While I couldn’t make out a lot of the words until I looked them up, the song’s lyrics aren’t anything spectacular or groundbreaking. It’s a promise to someone that you’ll return to them, which is a decently uplifting message. It perfectly matches the vibe of the song. 

I actually saw The Aces live while they were opening up for Five Seconds of Summer in 2018. I didn’t take any videos of them, but I remember a couple aspects of the concert very clearly. One, I could feel Petty’s electric basslines in my very bones and it was amazing. Two, they were a great live act. And three, though not necessarily related to their music, they were all extremely stylish.

Shame on me for not listening to their music as soon as I got home that night, as I’ve only recently gotten into their music through other people’s playlists. I could have been listening to their songs for over two years already.

“Daydream” is short and sweet, coming in at two and a half minutes. It’s a perfect example of a simplistic, yet brilliant pop song. I can’t help but bop my head along when this song comes on.