By Khadijah Khogeer

This winter break provided me some much-needed time to unwind. Instead of choosing to be productive, I spent most of my time binging show after show on Netflix. And the shows I watched were definitely a mixed bag. Some left me wanting another season, while others were easy to forget. Here is a recap of the shows I watched if you are looking to start a good binge session on Netflix.


I still don’t get the hype about this show. “Bridgerton” is a steamy period drama based on a novel chronicling debutante season in 19th century London’s high society. The show’s plot is a glorified Wattpad fanfiction and I detested watching every minute of it. The main characters, Daphne Bridgerton and Simon Basset, are an insufferable couple.

It’s a gratuitous show, which sets it apart from period pieces like “Downton Abbey,” and while it is a much easier binge, it offers little to the period genre. “Bridgerton” is simply not worth anyone’s time. To my surprise, it’s been renewed for another season, which I won’t be watching. 

Watch if you like: “Pride and Prejudice,” “Downton Abbey,” Shonda Rhimes productions such as “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Scandal.”

“Crash Landing on You”

“Crash Landing on You” has been on my watchlist since its early 2020 release, but I only recently got around to watching it. It’s a 16-episode Korean drama about a South Korean heiress who gets stuck in North Korea and falls in love with a soldier who helps her keep a low profile. 

The series is filled with many K-drama cliches, but it’s heartwarming and quite funny. It is a romantic comedy, so if you are looking for a light-hearted show with sympathetic characters, then this is the one for you.

Watch if you like typical K-dramas such as: “Goblin,” “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay,” “Start-Up.” 


“Lupin” is a French series about a thief who attempts to steal a diamond necklace to settle a debt. This show piqued my interest when it was trending on my homepage. It’s a well-written crime thriller that explores the life of the protagonist, Assane Diop, and how several injustices set him on his current path.

The first season only contains five episodes and is an easy binge, keeping the storyline exciting by packing in a lot of action and plot twists. “Lupin” is escapism at its finest. I found myself immersed in the Parisian heist storyline, so much so that I ended up watching it in a day with no breaks.

Watch if you like: The “James Bond” series, “Money Heist,” “Orange Is the New Black.”

“Fate: The Winx Saga” 

Lastly, I watched the live-action version of the “Winx Club,” a fantasy show about a fairy who enrolls in a mystical boarding school to train as a fairy warrior. I didn’t grow up watching the animated original, so I began the show without prior knowledge or high expectations. Nevertheless, the show was disappointing.

The plot was boring and the characters weren’t well-developed. It could also be unappealing to me because I am outside the target demographic. The show is set in high school and is mainly aimed toward tweens, despite being marketed as a young adult show. This may be worth watching if you are a fan of the original show, but I would only watch the second season in the background while doing other things.

Watch if you like: “The Vampire Diaries,” “The 100,” or of course “Winx Club.”