Michelle Tian

Dear Spring 2021, 

Please be nice to me.

I haven’t used my brain in a month, I’m taking five courses instead of the usual four and I’ll be taking an existentialism class, so I’ll definitely be questioning my existence and the meaning of life every single week. So please, be nice to me.

I’m sadly still remote this semester but I have hope people will get vaccinated and COVID-19 cases will slowly decline. If all goes well, I’ll be able to go shopping with friends without fearing for my life in just a few short months. Besides, my mental health was a lot better in the Fall than I thought it would be, so thankfully that isn’t something I have to worry too much about this semester.

Classes, you are so totally going to kick my ass, and I am totally unprepared for that. I don’t know why I thought it was a good idea, but I’m taking two philosophy courses, so expect at least seven blog posts where I have a mental breakdown and contemplate my purpose in the world.

Not to mention, I don’t have a single late start this semester. I mean, technically I do, but I’m operating on Pacific Time so everything is three hours earlier, which means I have a lecture at 6 in the morning. Yay!

Boston University has also decided to cancel spring break, which I understand, but God help my poor brain that can barely concentrate for one continuous hour. The University instead instituted wellness days — two random days in March where they say you’re “forbidden” to do any schoolwork, but knowing me, I’ll procrastinate and therefore have no choice but to do my homework on those days. It’s a toxic cycle, but I won’t be stopping anytime soon. 

I started this year by making a list of a few things that I can look forward to every month. One of those things is that Marvel Studios is finally releasing new content. Marvel was the only reason I got Disney+ a year ago, so now I’ll be thriving (at least once a week).

I’m excited about what you have in store for me, Spring 2021. I know you’ll push and challenge me, but I’m here for it. My grades last semester were the highest they’ve been since I started college — I know… while away from campus during a pandemic? Weird. But I have no intention of stopping that upward trend.

But, Spring 2021, please don’t forget: be nice to me.