Emma Sánchez

This semester, the blog’s goal is to make our work accessible to a wider range of readers, as well as create eye-catching posts to gain a larger audience. The blog writers will continue to write about various subjects, generally in the lifestyle and pop culture categories. 

Some plan to write music and film reviews, while others will explore whatever topics come to mind, such as new releases in beauty, TV, food and pop culture gossip. For the writers who tend to share their own lives and thoughts via a blog format, we hope to promote their personal experiences to a wider audience and make their posts more relatable.

While some series will pick up where they left off — such as Andrew Harwood’s “Cinephilia” movie review series — we look forward to publishing plenty of new weekly columns, such as one-on-song reviews. Other posts will simply remedy the boredom many of us are facing in the pandemic — writers will share book and TV recommendations as well as new recipes to try out. Additionally, some blogs will be self-help guides and advice columns, offering helpful tips for how to cope with quarantine and the current moment, whatever that may be.

Our plan this semester is to uplift everyone’s spirits in the midst of this pandemic through fun, intriguing and relatable content. While the pop culture blog posts provide readers with an escape from today’s harsh climate, the more personal blog posts connect readers and writers, helping them realize that we’re all going through the same thing.