By Sophia Yakumithis

It’s time to leave this semester behind. Like, seriously, throw-it-away-and-don’t-look-back behind.

Bluntly speaking, I’ve never had a worse semester. The year itself was completely doomed — and this Fall offered no exceptions. I’ve taken some time to reflect, and I realized some things that happened just a few months ago feel like they happened eons ago. 

To freak everyone out at the overwhelmingly fluid passage of time, I thought I’d put some of these events on the table.

The Australian Bushfires

Remember when Australia burned down? The natural disaster kicked off the year and continued into the first few months — and according to experts, we might see a round two. 

Not gonna lie, I totally forgot this happened. I’m guessing the devastation done to most of Australia’s natural landscape was something I repressed through all the other bulls— that destroyed the planet this year.

Kobe Bryant died

The basketball superstar, along with several others, was on board a helicopter that fatally crashed in January. His death shook the world and was considered “the beginning of the end” to a lot of people, because it seemed to have almost kicked off the domestic COVID-19 outbreak.

Michael Bloomberg ran for president

The former mayor of New York City — and one of the world’s richest people — ran a 100-day campaign that crashed and burned, costing millions in the process. But for someone as loaded as him, the spending was the least of his concerns. Bloomberg just splurged a little for a few months, and hey — we all did this year.

Kim Jong Un’s death rumors 

Remember in May when we all thought the North Korean leader passed away? I forgot about that too. The uncertainty did make for a pretty strange and confusing couple of days.

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik had a baby

Back in September, “Zigi” welcomed their first daughter together, and I was shook. I cried in my bed that night and asked God what Gigi has that I don’t — I have yet to receive answers.

I also have yet to learn this baby’s name or see a picture of her probably perfect face, but the photos we have been granted access to reveal some pretty sweet, chunky baby arms. I hope she’s doing well.

Trump lost the election

I’ll take every opportunity to remind the world that President Donald Trump is a big fat loser. But in the same vein, the 2020 presidential election, which happened last month, feels like a fever dream at this point.

Has every state been counted by now? Who knows. Time isn’t real and we live in a simulation.