By Thalia Lauzon 

For some people, college is the longest period of time they’re away from home before moving out for good. It certainly is for me. 

While I haven’t gotten homesick, I’m increasingly missing my kitchen and the ability to cook food. Living in a dorm or suite means you don’t have the ability to make meals beyond what you can cook in the BU-issued microfridge –– if you have one –– and that you’re subject to dining hall food. 

Look, dining hall food isn’t terrible most of the time. However, there’s only so much a girl can take of overcooked meat and unseasoned meals. 

With Thanksgiving approaching Thursday, I’m longing for the ability to cook even more because I’m not going home. I also don’t know exactly what the experience will be at the dining hall, so that’s a toss-up. 

Honestly, I just really wish I had a kitchen. 

I miss the ability to make my own meals so much that I have a running list of what I’ll make when I get home and in what order. 

The first meal I’ll make is homemade chicken noodle soup. 

Chicken noodle soup has been a staple in my diet since at least the seventh grade, and I only stopped eating it when I came to Boston. I made it every week –– not even exaggerating –– for two hours so I could eat it all week. I’d actually schedule my weekends around needing to make soup for that week. 

My parents thought I’d get over my obsession with chicken noodle soup after eating it every day of every week. Nope. My homemade chicken noodle soup gives me comfort and happiness like no other. 

Even though it sounds dramatic, it’s actually been really hard living without my soup. I even started to branch out a little with other types of soup before I left, which just gives me more soup to miss. 

The next food I’m going to make is grilled cheese –– at least two of them. 

I’ve had the grilled cheese at the dining hall and it really is a coin toss. Sometimes they’re adequate, in that they aren’t burnt like they usually are, but I’d really like some good cheddar cheese and some crispy, yet soft, bread. 

I’ll even dunk it into my soup. 

At this point, I’ve budgeted my dining points so I can get grilled cheeses from Starbucks once in a while. Although, I’d still like to make my own. 

Next, I’m making some steak. Like the seasoned, medium-rare goodness that steak should really be. 

I feel like once I get home and make my own food, my mouth is going to go insane by my level of seasoning. After largely eating non-seasoned food for months now, it’s going to shock my system. 

I’m very excited for it. 

These are all mostly first-day-back meals, but I’ve got even more items on my list to make: macaroni and cheese, pasta, pie, burgers, chicken, rice, eggs, bacon, calzones and more. 

I’ve got a little less than a month left before I can enact my grand plans. I can’t wait to get home to make food and see the new dog my parents got to replace me and my sibling. My parents have been warned I will be going on a rampage once I get home, but for now, I’ll have to be content with looking up food pictures and staring longingly at them. 

Not to mention, it will be nice to eat with actual plates and silverware that I don’t have to clean. 

All hail the magic of dishwashers.