By Maya Frankel

Since when did a November day in Boston feel the same as one in May?

I can’t be the only one who is completely thrown off by the daily change in weather. One day it’s in the high 70s and sunny, and the next it’s in the 60s with no sun. I can’t keep up with these weather changes, and honestly, I forget how to dress for warm weather.

I thought I had retired the shorts and dresses until I go back home to Florida, but this past weekend brought them out of hiding. Fall is my favorite season, so my closet has been taken over by jeans, cozy sweaters and turtlenecks. There is no place for shorts anymore.

How is it in the 70s when we are in November? Take a moment to think about it. I mean, should we be concerned? Should we celebrate the sun? I’m not sure. Don’t get me wrong, I love sunny days with a breeze. The thing is, with these spring-like days, I’m at a loss for what to wear.

I’ve taken to looking out my window to study what the passing students are wearing as they go about their days. It’s not weird, it’s called using your resources. Think of it as people-watching, but more like wardrobe-watching. Even after looking out my window, I still seem to dress in a way that results in me either sweating or freezing.

I’ve noticed people either dress for summer or dress for winter on the same day. There is no in between. So, how do we dress?

During Boston’s hot flash last week, I made my way to Armory Park for a workout with my CHAARG group. We worked out under the hot sun for an hour, and by the time I made it back to my dorm, I had a shorts tan line. Never in my life did I think I would get a shorts tan line in November, especially in Boston. In Florida, that seems 100-percent feasible, but not here.

We always want the weather we don’t have, the same way we want straight hair when we have curly hair. I’m almost positive when it’s cold again, I will be begging for the sun to come back out, but right now, I just want the holiday weather. My little Christmas tree does not feel right with this sunny weather. Still, I continue lighting my holiday candles and admiring my tree.

Well, I’m off to look out my window now to figure out what I am going to wear today. Will it be a sweater and jeans or not? I can’t keep up. If the weather keeps changing like this, I think my spring clothing will find itself back in my closet.

  1. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Your delightful, almost whimsical vagaries about the weather in Boston, led me to discover a phrase that tells me it’s all the same whether you’re coming or going:

    Read this:
    “Da.. Boston’s not so bad”

    Now read it backwards!

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