By Katrina Liu

The idea of soulmates is something I don’t believe in as much as I used to. Blame the fact that astrology is probably made up, and that people I once thought would be in my life forever only exist in old photos now.

But really, blame the simple process of growing up and realizing the world isn’t as nice and simple as it seemed to be when we were kids. 

Even if I don’t believe in soulmates anymore in the sense of what the general definition is — I do not believe there is one singular person made for you — I do believe there are people who come into our lives because, somehow, they were meant to be in our lives.

People you just click with and never get tired of. People who can make you laugh the hardest when you’re simply hanging out, doing mundane things. People you just feel so damn lucky to know. 

Those are people I loosely define as soulmates. The ones who just make you smile so big and have the ability to make you chuckle even on your worst days. The ones you can’t help but think, when you consider it, that there has to be some reason the universe brought you two together. 

Seven billion people in the world and you met that person. You were in the same place, at the same time, living through some similar circumstance.

When you really think about it, that’s incredible. 

Romantic soulmates are great. I see couples in my life who are so in love that you have to believe they were somehow made for each other — a couple that complements each other so well even the coldest heart melts when seeing them together. 

But soulmates carry so much meaning beyond just romance, and you can have more than one. Soulmates are your friends, your family. Soulmates are the people who make you feel alive and that yes, despite all the crazy s— in this world, there are some things, some people worth living for. 

I am so lucky to have found some of my platonic soulmates, who have gone through hell and high water with me. I am so lucky to be in their lives and so excited to see what other obstacles are thrown their path, because I’ll be there every step of the way, just like they will be for me. 

If you feel like you haven’t found any sense of a soulmate, you will. I promise you. There are so many people in this world, but the universe is something even science might never fully decipher. The universe knows what it’s doing.

Just keep loving, searching, fighting and living.