By Peter Colaner

I know what you’re thinking: Why is Pete writing a music review? Doesn’t he just talk about film and television? Yep, that’s true. I blog exclusively about film and television, but this week, I’m making an exception. 

Since I’ve been exposed to such a talented and intriguing band, “The Ghost Club,” I feel obligated to tell you about this skilled musician who seamlessly blends two of my favorite songwriters — Bruce Springsteen and Kanye West — into his own music. 

Domenic Dunegan, who leads the duo with drummer Kevin Corcoran, gets much of his inspiration from Bruce Springsteen, the native New Jerseyian whose desire to perform has energized Dunegan to unravel a consistent stream of great content. 

On a more technical level, “The Ghost Club” applies similar beats as that of Kanye, and from there establishes its own rhythms to form music that is genuine to Dunegan. 

Moreover, infusing the aspects of Kanye and the like into his own music helps Dunegan balance being timeless with being focused on discussing the times we face. 

The music we hear from “The Ghost Club” has just as many original pieces as it does emulated ones. From the strong synthesizing sounds to the rhythmically appealing bass, Dunegan heightens his diverse slate of songs with key focal points.

The song “Same Graves,” released in August, hones in on the idea that we are always living in a cycle of perpetuity, and it comes at a time that couldn’t be more timely — with the COVID-19 pandemic cornering us into this depressing pattern of darkness. This song is supplemented with an animated video that brings life to a rather-lifeless subject. 

And while the music is great, the band’s talent is exceptional. Listening to this music is not only listening to the progression of the stories Dunegan tells, but the rapid progression of himself as a talented songwriter. 

Just as Springsteen motivates this artist, so, too, does Dunegan motivate others by dedicating himself to quickly transgressing into a prominent figure in music. He exemplifies that fiercely pursuing any passion will translate into profound results.

In such a short amount of time, “The Ghost Club” has amassed a following of 36,700 followers on Instagram, and now more with you.