By Maya Mabern

Another week closer to Halloween, another loosely related listicle.

This week, I thought about how many potentially cool costumes I could wear during Halloweekend, but there won’t be one this year — and just so we’re clear, there shouldn’t be. 

Here is my working list of the best costumes for sitting in your bedroom on Halloween.

  1. Ebenezer Scrooge, “A Christmas Carol”

It’s hard to pinpoint a moment at which pajamas became en vogue, but the first depictions of Charles Dickens’ Ebenezer Scrooge, the heartless miser-turned-advocate for the spirit of Christmas, could be a good place to start. 

This is the costume for wandering around your dorm or apartment and looking for the ghosts of your past, present and future. Just grab an old bathrobe, perhaps a beanie to recreate Scrooge’s iconic nightcap and a candlestick — because let’s face it, it’s probably freezing in your room right now. 

  1. Holly Golightly, “Breakfast At Tiffany’s”

This costume is a bit of a fancier Ebenezer Scrooge. Just wear a little white night shirt, a blue eye mask, funky earrings and perhaps a Bump It, if they’re still making those. It’s the perfect costume for a night in and some mirror selfies, but you might not want to sleep in the earrings.

  1. The Michelin Man

You’re already home — or you better be — so just take all the pillows in your living space and find some way to tie them all to your body. It may not look exactly like the legendary tire company mascot, but it’ll be really fun to flop around on the floor with reckless abandon.

  1. Carol Anne Freeling, “Poltergeist”

There are two ways to go about dressing like the little girl from the 1982 paranormal thriller who goes missing in her own home, which is haunted by mischievous spirits. If you don’t have a full-on nightgown or blunt blonde bangs, you can either sit in front of a television or laptop and talk to people who aren’t there or just hide in your closet and call out for your parents.

 I recommend this for anyone living with roommates you don’t know well.

  1. Group costume: The squad of kids, “The Polar Express”

This is a genuinely fun costume idea for you and your roommates. Honor the 2004 hyper-realistic and horrifying cinema classic by dressing as Hero Boy, Know-It-All and Hero Girl — I just realized that these characters don’t have real names — and maybe someone can be creepy train conductor Tom Hanks, but that feels like a costume better suited for a night on the town, which I know you won’t be having.