By Sophia Yakumithis

We’re on, what, day 84,923,085 of quarantine? Jesus Christ, am I losing it, let me tell you.

Every week I feel a little more psychotic and it’s really starting to show. And, if you talk to my therapist, she’d tell you that repetition can easily deteriorate someone like me. Oh, and I love to talk about my mental health now, which is normally “not my thing,” but again, here I am, slowly drifting away from myself. 

Let’s ignore that last, concerning comment, shall we? Instead, let’s discuss the fact that, like an old man at the Bob Evans, I love routines and keeping things the same, so, in a way, quarantine is oddly satisfying. However, I’m also mildly intelligent, so I know that enabling myself will kill me in the end — if it hasn’t by the time this blog gets published. 

One of the best and worst things I’ve done for myself this entire time is waking up every day and listening to the same artist on my run: my dude Kendrick Lamar. This is the best decision in the sense that his music is legitimately one of the only things I’m able to distract myself with, hitting something nothing else can — not sex, not easy money — and lulling me like a little baby in a little crib, wah wah. Needless to say, his s— slaps.

On the flip, Kendrick hasn’t released his own album (with the exception of producing “Black Panther: The Album” in 2018) since 2017’s “DAMN.,” which was the first rap album to take home the Pulitzer Prize for Music — aka it’s legit. 

So I’m not complaining by any means, and if anything, I’d like to file a complaint for the greedy and demanding side of his following who keep b—-ing that he needs to put more out. Let the man live and let “DAMN.” bask in its own lyrical glory.

But, like I said, 2017 was the last time we got a studio album that was entirely him, so the discography I’ve been working with for the past eight months is getting a little repetitive. 

Again, not necessarily a bad thing, but four studio albums over eight months? That’s two months per album and when you’re someone who runs every single day, that means my mind constantly has the same couple of lyrics running through it. I’m also a human being who has preferences, so those songs that get skipped periodically dilute my track list even further.

Regardless, starting the day with straight-up espresso and Kendrick is my happy place. Unless I figure out a way to inject his lyrics into my bloodstream or to photosynthesize certain tracks, I’ll just keep enjoying what we do have and pray to God that he bestows us with another masterpiece in the coming months. 

Catch me in Zoom church next Sunday, ‘cause I want one.