By Emma Simonoff

Nat and Alex Wolff began their careers together as stars in “The Naked Brothers Band: The Movie,” a show where the brothers played brothers. 

Created by their mom, Polly Draper, the show was a mockumentary about Nat and Alex’s lives as child rock stars in a band they performed in real life. It seems their fictional work and real lives have blurred lines. 

In “Stella’s Last Weekend,” not only do Nat and Alex once again play brothers, their mom plays their mom and their dog plays their dog. In the movie, their dog Stella is dying, so Nat’s character Jack comes back from college to spend time with them.

As Jack is on his way home, viewers find out he’s hung up on this beautiful girl he met at a party. And we find out Alex’s character, Oliver, has a girlfriend he is very happy with. But then you find out Oliver’s girlfriend is the very same girl Jack is in love with.

This is an age-old tale of a love triangle and it isn’t even unusual for these boys to be in this kind of movie. They’ve both done romantic comedies, especially Nat, in which they’re brooding over some girl. And, as we all know, it’s not unusual for the brothers to act together.

But what makes me do a double take, and what makes me think about this casting choice enough to write about it, is that it’s these brothers in this story — and it’s written and directed by their mom. That’s weird, right?

What mom would be like, “I’m gonna write this movie about brothers who are in love with the same girl and I’m gonna cast my sons to play the brothers, oh, and also myself to play the mom. And I’m gonna direct them, too. In romantic scenes. Not in any sex scenes, but in kissing scenes.” Doesn’t that seem a little too close for comfort?

Draper has only written a few things and “Stella’s Last Weekend” is her biggest project after “The Naked Brothers Band,” which we’ve already established is basically a true story. So, I have to ask: is this a true story? And if it is, why would she want to tell it? And why would the Wolff brothers want to star in it?

I feel like I have an obligation to admit that I did watch this movie and, unfortunately, I was into the whole brothers in love with the same girl thing. That being said, I couldn’t stop thinking about how their mom wrote it. And I still can’t. Because it’s weird, right?