By Katrina Liu

Let’s face it: Zoom University, while great in the way that I can literally roll out of bed and attend class with bleary eyes and a quickly made cup of tea, is also a huge struggle.

You’re in your room 75 percent of the day, which can drive you stir-crazy. You’re attending classes in the same spot where you’re doing homework. Whether that be in a bed, on a couch or hunched over a desk, it’s tiring being in the same place all the time. 

Throughout my life, I’ve been pretty lax about my study spaces. They’ve changed constantly and as long as I have pens, a notebook, headphones and my laptop around me, I could really make any place resemble a cubicle in Mugar Memorial Library.

But given current circumstances, I realized when I moved into my dorm room that I would have to place an extra emphasis on decorating the space I would spend most of my time in. 

Here are some decorative tips to customize your study space.

  1. Hang Pictures

One thing I’ve done is hang up pictures around me that I hold close to my heart. Whenever I feel overwhelmed or need to group myself for a moment, I look up at my wall to see people I’ve been so lucky to know and places I’ve been so lucky to travel to. Looking at these pictures reminds me of what life really is about: making connections with others and living moments you never want to forget. 

  1. Hang Extra Lights (or additional wall decor)

Another thing I have in my room is fairy string lights, which I know is probably the most cliche thing ever. But I suggest hanging something or decorating your room with something similar, whether that be posters or other memorabilia that mean a lot to you. It brings something different to an otherwise bland and boring wall. Plus, when you turn off the main light source, the extra twinkle in the room offers a feeling of coziness and serenity. 

  1. Invest in Cozy Bedding

Blankets. Blankets make the world go round. There is nothing like curling into your blanket after a long day. Also, if you have enough self control to not fall asleep, having a blanket around your shoulders can add a sense of comfort, especially with the cold weather beginning to rush in. I just brought back a larger comforter from home in preparation for the fall weather, and now I can’t wait to crawl into bed. 

  1. Make the Space Reflective of Your Personality

My final tip is that however you choose to decorate your space, make sure it’s you. Make sure it’s something you enjoy and that offers a sense of tranquility even when finishing assignments five minutes before they’re due. Also, keep in mind that if you’re unhappy with any part of it, you can change it at any time. 

Keep it fresh. Keep it you, because goodness knows we need that sense of motivation and comfort in our lives right now.