By Emma Sánchez

Are you tired of watching reruns of “The Office” for the millionth time? Have you already exhausted reliving your childhood by watching old Disney Channel shows on Disney+? 

If you’re like me and are sad that all your favorite shows — like “Big Mouth” — have halted production because of the pandemic, then this post is for you. 

Here’s a list of a few YouTube series I’ve been watching a lot of recently and are a great alternative to TV.

Kennie J.D.: Bad Movies and a Beat

Every Saturday, Kendall (Kennie) reviews a badly rated movie while putting on a full face of makeup. Though the premise is simple, I can assure you that I never get tired of this series. 

Throughout her series, the movies she reviews get all the more outrageous. She’s done videos on classically terrible movies such as the “Twilight” series, “Fifty Shades of Grey” and the live-action “Cats” remake.

Kendall’s commentary is so relatable and hilarious, and with each upload she showcases a stunning new makeup look. Some of her reviews are so revealing that you’ll ask yourself, “Why did I ever think this movie was actually good?” 

Mike’s Mic: Essential Viewing

Whether it’s a whole video dedicated to Mike ranting about his sunburn, ranking his favorite childhood shows or just dumping a bunch of memes from his phone into one video, his sporadic thought process never fails to make me laugh.

When my friends ask me why my sense of humor is so all over the place, I just point them to a Mike’s Mic video. But what I always look forward to is his iconic series “Essential Viewing,” in which he picks a pivotal moment in a reality TV show and explains why it is such a cultural reset. 

He’s done viewings of “Celebrity Big Brother,” “The Flavor of Love,” “Dance Moms” and “America’s Next Top Model.” You name it and he’s made a video about it. After each “Essential Viewing,” you’ll probably be prompted to look up the reality TV show clip or decide to watch an entire series.

All Def: Great Taste

All Def is a Los Angeles-based media company highlighting hip-hop, comedy and social justice. 

It has fun and creative series such as “Arts and Raps,” where rap artists answer children’s questions while doing arts and crafts. Out of the variety of entertainment All Def has to offer, the most notable is the series “Great Taste.”

“Great Taste” has a fairly simple premise. Each episode asks an opinionated question — like “what is the best ice cream flavor?” or “what is the best Pixar movie?” — and everyone has to say their opinion on why their choice is the best. What starts off as a straightforward debate quickly results in top-tier roasting, random tangents and hilarious arguments to back up their claims. 

Though the last episode came out five months ago, there are more than enough episodes to keep you satiated, as well as many other entertaining series on the All-Def channel. You can tell the All-Def squad isn’t making content for the sake of views alone. 

With “Great Taste,” you can imagine what you would argue is the “best ice cream flavor” or “best midnight snack” along with everyone else. Even the comment section of each episode is full of responses like “what about cookies and cream?” and you can tell everyone is just as invested in each All Def member as you are.

Harper’s BAZAAR: Food Diaries: Bite Size

Have you ever wondered what Kylie Jenner, Tyra Banks or Grimes eat in a day? It might be more interesting than you’d think. 

Harper’s BAZAAR has compiled a series of videos of influencers, artists, actors and celebrities talking about everything they eat on a typical day. Unsurprisingly, most of these celebrities have some really weird eating habits. 

Banks likes to eat her bagels with the bread hollowed out, Grimes went a whole two years eating only spaghetti and Lana Condor’s go-to snack is canned clams or oysters. I won’t try to spoil each episode for you, but I will say it’s cool to see what the people you idolize eat. I know magazines always say “celebrities are just like us,” but after watching these videos, you’ll realize that’s a total lie. 

Watching each of these series has been therapeutic. Especially with the isolation of the pandemic, these shows make you feel like you’re in the room having a conversation with everyone. The short and straightforward videos are great to watch while you’re eating, commuting or just going about your day. I bet there’s something for everyone to love in each series.