By Katrina Liu

It’s October. 

I say that because honestly, in March, it was difficult to believe we would get this far into the year. There were days on which it was hard to see ahead. Any plans I had for the rest of the school year, the summer and even the next school year were just up in the air.

It took months of trial and error, along with a mix of self reflection and self indulgence, to try to get my shit together when the world around me was falling apart. But I realize that now more than ever, it’s crucial to keep your eye on the prize, whatever that may be. There’s gotta be an end to all of this one day, right? 

There has to be. 

Until that day, we have to keep ourselves motivated. For me, motivation includes finishing my damn degree if it’s the last thing I do, finally getting in the habit of writing in my journal every night and simply trying to survive. 

Finding the motivation to wake up every morning is so hard to do sometimes. Getting out of bed and going on with my life can be difficult when I seem to wake up to a horrible breaking news notification on my phone every morning. 

But we have to find that motivation somewhere. What other choice do we have?

The “prize” isn’t a concrete thing either. It changes everyday. Some days, you need the little wins more than the big ones. And other days, you have ambitions that seem to be boundless.

The “prize,” whether big or small, is still something to strive for. As long as it’s important to you, it’s something worth reaching for. 

Who cares what other people think? Your dreams are your dreams, your aspirations. What you want in life can only be decided by you. You know your limits best. Set your eyes on what you know you can handle. Right now, in this world, controlling what little we can is crucial. It’s how we stay sane. 

Use this as motivation to continue going on with your goals, because I’m writing this point to remind myself. Many of my aspirations seem insignificant or unreachable right now, but try to find different angles for your motivations. They’re malleable. They’re gonna change. Keep your eye on the prize. I’m rooting for you.