By Maya Frankel

I have quite a bit of experience when it comes to long-distance friendships. At this point, I feel completely comfortable calling myself a professional.

Separation anxiety is real. Believe me, I get it. My roommate and best friend Tali and I have separation anxiety if we are apart for more than 30 minutes, so imagine being in completely different countries.

It’s completely normal — especially as you go through life — to have one, two or many friendships that are long-distance. In my case, it’s many.

I’m not going to tell you that it’s always easy, but if you and your friend meet in the middle of the bridge rather than having one person do all the walking, your friendship will truly blossom.

Before coming to Boston University, I embarked on a gap year, which consisted of travel and work. Traveling to different places, I learned a thing or two about nurturing friendships, even when the time difference made it a bit more difficult.

When your close friends are scattered around the world in Thailand, Florida, Estonia, Switzerland, New Jersey, England, Georgia, Maryland, Spain and New York, you develop many ways to stay connected.

Whether it be watching “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” on Netflix while FaceTiming with my friend Nat, who lives in Estonia, or sending voice messages back and forth with my best friend Merry, who is working in Bangkok for a few months, it connects us and makes the distance disappear.

My best friend from back home, Sage, and I love sharing Pinterest boards and songs to keep each other up to date on our lives, as well as FaceTiming whenever we have a chance to stay super involved in each other’s lives, regardless of the distance.

There are a million different ways to stay connected with your friends when you cannot be physically close. Each friendship is different, so you find what works for each one. Here are a few that may work for you.

  1. FaceTiming
  2. Sharing playlists on Spotify or Apple Music
  3.  Sharing inspirational, funny and beautiful posts on Instagram
  4. Voice messages
  5. Pinterest boards
  6. Movie nights via FaceTime, Zoom or Netflix Party
  7. My personal favorite: Sending a million selfies via text
  8. Lunch date via FaceTime
  9. Weekly photo updates
  10. Zoom workouts together

These are just a couple of ideas that will hopefully inspire you and make those hard long- distance relationships feel a bit shorter.

I assure you that distance is just space and miles are just numbers. With a little bit of effort, your friendships will continue to grow, regardless of where you are in the world.