By Thalia Lauzon

Sometimes you just need to laugh after a long day of Zoom class, being stuck inside or generally feeling bored or depressed. 

These YouTube videos will brighten your day and take you to another world filled with happiness and entertainment. Sit back, relax and don’t drink anything while watching these videos because it will come out of your nose. 

  1. The Play that Goes Wrong performing at The Royal Variety Performance 2015

Starting off with one of my personal favorites, “The Play that Goes Wrong” features an astounding number of missed cues, set breaks, line flubs, injuries and physical comedy jokes to make you belly-laugh so much that you’ll need to rewind every minute to find out what other acts of genius from the Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society you missed while rolling on the ground. 

The fictionalized British theater company produces plays that inevitably go wrong due to their unique actors and general chaos –– and everything that could go wrong in a performance does go wrong.

I couldn’t recommend watching this clip more. The only sad part is that you’ll spend the next hour trying to find the entire performance with little to no luck, but you can find more of their “Goes Wrong” productions on YouTube or watch “The Goes Wrong Show” on Amazon Prime. 

  1. John Mulaney Got Cheated Out of $120K | Netflix Is A Joke

In one of the best jokes from his show “Kid Gorgeous at Radio City,” John Mulaney, comedian extraordinaire, rants about receiving a request from his old college for a donation. And then he proceeds to tear the whole institution apart. 

Honestly, and depressingly, the biggest joke of the night is that he only spent $120,000 to attend Georgetown University for four years.

I uphold that anything Mulaney does is hilarious, so with that, you should also check out Mulaney and Bill Hader’s 92nd Street Y talk –– and anything else with the duo –– plus “Oh, Hello” featuring Mulaney as an 80-something-year-old man named George St. Geegland and all of his other comedy specials.

  1. #ham4ham The Schulyer Georges

Sure, “Hamilton” was groundbreaking, but the real revolution happened after hours. This four-minute clip answered the long-asked question of what would happen if you took three grown men in crowns and made them lip sync as three sisters.

Jonathan Groff, Andrew Rannells and Brian d’Arcy James –– who’ve all played King George III in the musical –– take on “The Schuyler Sisters” track for their performance to the New York City sidewalk audience. It’s choreographed to perfection and the other actors play their parts beautifully. 

You will be entertained. 

  1. Career Day – SNL

Adam Driver plays Abraham H. Parnassus, a decaying oil baron, speaking at his son’s school for Career Day –– that should be enough for you to watch the sketch. 

If it isn’t enough, though, the video can be summed up by Parnassus’ words, “Crush your enemies! Grind their bones into dirt! Make them regret they were ever born!” 

There aren’t enough words to describe the brilliance of this sketch. You should just watch it. 

  1. Impractical Jokers – Joe the Genie (Punishment) | truTV

Disclaimer: This is intentionally last on this list so that you can –– and will –– go down a spiral of watching “Impractical Jokers” clips and compilations. 

The “Impractical Jokers” show is centered around four best friends who compete against each other in hilarious hairbrained competitions where they must win or be punished by the winners at the end.

Joe loses this episode and must perform in a rendition of “Aladdin” as the Genie. Needless to say, things go hilariously chaotic as he systematically destroys the set while on wires.  

This show will keep you entertained for days and your abs will hurt by the end of each video. The competitions and punishments are creative and insane –– one of them even has a tattoo of Jaden Smith’s face now due to a punishment –– and seeing grown men act like children running around New York City is the funniest thing you will see in a long time. 

Sometimes you just need a good laugh, and this will provide just that.