By Michelle Tian

“Live life to the fullest because it only happens once.” This is a quote we’ve probably heard too many times, and one that we’re most likely sick of — rightfully so. But what if, in some alternate universe, we did live more than once? What if we had nine lives? 

I often think about this, and one day, while daydreaming, I thought of all the different people I’d be and places I’d travel if I had those nine lives. Here are just a few I thought of, and I hope at least one of them becomes my reality some day.

A freelance writer in Norway

Just the thought of writing for myself and not being bound to anything sounds like a dream in itself. But living in the land of Vikings, trolls, fjords and Northern Lights would provide me with an endless supply of stories to share with the world. 

A bonsai gardener in Kyoto

Kyoto is a nature paradise. To be constantly surrounded by Mother Earth in a land that’s frequently praised for being the cleanest, greenest and smartest place on the planet is a reality only a few lucky people in the world would be able to live out. 

A sushi bar owner in Japan

Japan is known for not only its breathtaking views, but its bomb-ass sushi. All the tourists swarm the sushi bars and even the locals can’t resist once in a while. Imagine not only being successful, but being able to own something that helps define a country. 

A yoga teacher in Bali

Yoga is one tough exercise. But even if you hate stretching, doing yoga can allow you to truly connect with yourself and the environment around you. Bali, meanwhile, is a completely other experience. You’re constantly around nature, so not only can you relax and find your zen, but you’ll be in harmony with the world. Teaching something as special as that is a feeling only a few would understand. 

A video game designer in Tokyo

Tokyo is the city of the future. To design a futuristic world in a place that is already 100 years ahead of its time would be insanely surreal. And yeah, I’m obsessed with Japan. Can you tell? 

A fashion designer in Milan

I’ve always been fascinated by street fashion and admired Milan for its unique style. It sounds like paradise to constantly be changing the fashion game in a place the entire world knows for being classy and elegant. My inner Vogue-obsessed self is screaming.

A bookstore owner in New York City

Come on, do I really need to explain myself? 

Have you seen those pictures on the internet of those bookstores in New York City that just seem full of endless possibility? You’d constantly be surrounded by countless different realities and live in the city that never sleeps. Sounds pretty epic to me. 

A scuba diver instructor in Fiji

I’m extremely terrified of the open water, but the thought of exploring the depths of the ocean with people from all over the world and teaching them to discover the mysteries all on their own gives me such a thrill.

A chef in Italy

I don’t think there is anybody out there who doesn’t like Italian food. You’d be bringing all the pleasures of Italy to countless excited tourists. And if you’re really successful, all of your customers will have the same reaction as Anton Ego when he tried ratatouille. *Chef’s kiss*