By Amber Bhatnagar

With the start of my official reign as this semester’s Blog Editor, I figured I should write a greetings blog and tell you about my uneventful summer, as if any of you besides my mom actually care. 

I’ve been the new editor since May, but I’ve been in a three-month long writing funk and have just now mustered up a dash of creativity to start writing again (I say as I have a note with 42 blog ideas). 

The new school year and my Lady Gaga hatching-from-an-egg-at-the-2011-Grammy-Awards style rebirth into the real world in which I actually have homework, meetings and classes to attend has pulled me out of my funk and my inner Carrie Bradshaw has returned.

When the global shutdown started in March, I told myself (as we all did) that I was going to use my ample amount of time to 1. Get my life together and apply to 1,000 internships, 2. Work out daily and become a Victoria’s Secret model (or at least be able to master the up-and-down planks that Chloe Ting has cursed us with), 3. Eat healthier and make my doctor so flabbergasted and proud that she would nullify my diagnosis of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and crown me as the face of women’s reproductive health and 4. Become a “better” version of myself.

Did I do any of that? Not really. I mean, in my defense, I definitely tried. 

I still have feelings of trauma every time I hear the intro music from Chloe Ting’s two-week Shred Challenge. 

What I actually did was rewatch “Glee,” “Gossip Girl,” “Gilmore Girls,” “The Vampire Diaries,” “The Originals,” “How to Get Away With Murder,” “Wizards of Waverly Place,” “Glee” again after the tragic passing of Naya Rivera and “Once Upon a Time.” I also consumed about two tons of Ben & Jerry’s “The Tonight Dough” ice cream, turned 21 quarantine-style, took Instagram-worthy pictures of my dogs and cried about Harry Styles and the 10-year anniversary of One Direction daily to my friend Neha. 

I’m also still pretty sad that I didn’t become Ree Drummond from “The Pioneer Woman” and master the art of bread-making. 

Though the last six months of my life were basically a flop, and yours might have been too, I think it’s important to give ourselves a break and try to remember that this has been a hell of a year — and not the good kind of a hell of a year. If this year has taught me anything, it’s that life is all about second chances and we can’t get angry with ourselves for not doing 10,000 productive things and revolutionizing our lives during a pandemic. 

Being at school always boosts my productivity and creativity, but for now, I will be trying to emulate that feeling from home until I return to campus, pretending that I’m sitting in my now-empty Blog Editor desk in The Daily Free Press office being super busy. 

In all seriousness, being given the opportunity to be an editor has made this year completely worthwhile. Writing has always been my creative outlet and getting to edit the musings of others has been the highlight of my summer, especially my former editor Sophia’s weekly humor installments. 

I love the blog The Daily Free Now because it’s a chance for all writers to vent, be as creative as they wish and write about anything their heart desires. And though I don’t have the equally demanding and strenuous responsibilities as the other editors at the FreeP, for which I have the utmost respect, Blog is special to me because it’s an emotional outlet for just about anyone and I love being able to help my writers grow as humans and be a rock for them. 

This semester is going to be good, and I can’t wait to get started. 

Until next time, 

Your new Blog Editor, Amber.