By Amber Bhatnagar

As Boston restaurants and shops begin to reopen, I’ve been thinking about how students, upon their arrival or return to the city, can still see all the beautiful things Boston has to offer while maintaining a safe distance from others. 

Being isolated in my tiny apartment in Los Angeles for three months has left me missing Boston’s beautiful and historical cobblestone streets and if you know me, you know I despise not being able to hang out with my friends.

But when we head back to campus in August, we’ll likely still need to social distance as much as possible. Though campus life won’t go back to the way it was in our pre-COVID-19 world, we can still enjoy doing the things we used to in Boston while staying at least six feet apart from people. 

Here are the things that I’m looking forward to doing again in Boston while social distancing.

  1. Take a stroll through Boston Common and the Public Garden

Boston Common and the Public Garden are undoubtedly my favorite places to go to in Boston. 

No matter what season it is, the Common is perpetually breathtaking and there’s a multitude of things to do throughout the year. In the winter, for example, the Frog Pond turns into an ice-skating rink that glistens with Christmas lights and snow. In the spring, the Public Garden is engulfed in a colorful array of tulips, which is a perfect background for Instagram pictures. 

You can set up a picnic or just take a stroll around the pond and garden and soak it all in. The fresh air and expansive space makes it easy to maintain a safe distance from others, so it’s a perfect place to socialize with a wide berth.

  1. Window shop on Newbury Street

Newbury Street is arguably the best place to shop in Boston. From trendy boutiques to an assortment of cafes and bakeries, you can’t go wrong. You and your friends can easily practice physical distancing while grabbing a bite at the outdoor seating offered by many restaurants along the block.

  1. Walk the historical Freedom Trail

On the trend of outdoor activities, walking the Freedom Trail is a quintessential Boston activity. You simply cannot come to Boston without walking this beaten path. Suffused with ample history as well as modern additions, you can walk with friends on this trail while keeping your distance. 

  1. Hang out (at a distance) on the BU Beach

The BU Beach is the hottest hangout spot on campus. With current health guidelines in place, I can hardly think of a better place to maintain a safe distance than the BU Beach. Weather permitting, students will lay in the grass and read or sit in a circle with friends, which can easily be replicated nowadays by simply sitting farther apart.