By Katrina Liu

After about a month of online classes, I can assuredly say that it isn’t for me. I miss being in a university setting. I miss walking along Commonwealth Avenue. I miss physically going to a classroom or lecture hall. I miss Boston.

It’s really difficult to sit through recorded lectures since no one is really forcing me to listen to them, but I think attending them and actively taking notes as if I was actually in a real-time lecture reveals a lot about who I am.

As a whole, Boston University students have kept on going (even if begrudgingly) through adversity and seemingly impossible times. We still inform ourselves. We still make a conscious effort to connect with people. We still continue pushing through. And most importantly, we still learn. 

Whether that be how to use a formula or how to keep ourselves sane, we keep learning from each other despite not physically being with each other. That’s a powerful concept and it’s something we shouldn’t take for granted — no matter how difficult the circumstances are. 

I would love to be back in my dorm right now, ordering Domino’s pizzas as my roommate and I cram for our last stretch of assignments and exams. I would have loved putting on a show with BU On Tap last Sunday, showcasing the pieces we worked all year on. But, dwelling on what could’ve been isn’t healthy, so all I can do is move forward and stay positive, no matter how hard that can be. And we can look forward to the day where normalcy is restored.

Human connection is something I won’t take for granted ever again. Even if Zoom lectures are live, it’s just not the same to see people through boxes on a screen rather than experiencing the chatter of people in a room before a lecture starts. 

But with that, I’m taking advantage of this time and communicating with my family more. I’m learning how to cook family recipes, something I will pass down to my kids and their kids. I’m also learning which candle scents I like and which I absolutely cannot stand. I’m taking the time to read more, whether it be articles I find online or snippets of blogs. Just because I’m not physically attending classes doesn’t mean the learning stops. 

So, as this crazy semester closes, I am feeling thankful for what I have and will continue to get and for the memories I made this year that put a smile on my face when times are tough. 

Most of all, I am proud of myself. I’m proud of how I’ve been faced with challenges but didn’t let it stop me from continuing to achieve more. 

We should all feel proud.