By Aasha Amber Bhatnagar

I’m the type of person who loves to stay busy, perpetually keeping myself occupied with some sort of task. But I used to also love the relief of having nothing to do and nowhere to go after a task-filled week. 

Now that going nowhere has become mandatory for all of us, I find myself having nearly no motivation to do anything aside from rewatching various TV shows and movies. 

I love rewatching the same shows over and over again. I can’t help it; I like knowing how things work out for the protagonist and how the story will end. So, with all this free-time, I’ve been able to rediscover some of the amazing gems of television that I think you should watch, too.

Warning: this list contains spoilers.

“Locke and Key”

This Netflix original is one I’ve only seen once, but will definitely be watching again before the release of Season 2. Set in a present-day, seaside town in Massachusetts, the Locke family has recently relocated from Seattle to a family mansion following the tragic murder of the father. “Key House,” as it’s known, contains hidden, magical keys that whisper things to the children to be found. Each key performs different functions, like the “head key,” which, when inserted into the back of anyone’s head, allows them and whoever they’re with to physically enter their mind and view their memories. Collectively, the keys lead the Locke family to a sea cave which houses an illuminated blue door, and the keys reveal the story behind their father’s death.

“Once Upon a Time”

I’ve watched this series about a million times, but I usually lose interest when Elsa from “Frozen” joins the cast. I’ve vowed to myself this time around that I’m actually going to finish the 7-season series. 

As you can probably tell from the title of the show, it’s about Disney fairytale characters, but has an interesting twist: all the stories are combined into one plot which intertwines with drama and bloodlust. It follows the Evil Queen on her perpetual quest to kill Snow White after enacting a dark curse that brings everyone in the Enchanted Forest to her fabricated town, Storybrooke, Maine. Each fairytale character from the Enchanted Forest forgets who they are, but, before the curse was enacted, Snow White and Prince Charming gave birth to a daughter who eventually breaks the curse. 


I’m a total royal drama junkie, and my favorite monarch of all time is Mary, Queen of Scots. So, when this show came out, I immediately knew it was going to be in my top five favorite shows list. 

Set in 16th century France, the young and beautiful Queen Mary is living her days hidden in a convent because the English have wanted to seize her crown since her birth. After poisoning her royal taster, the queen is sent back to the Royal French Court to marry Francis, the next king of France. Mary and Francis share a deep and mutual attraction, but complications arise when Francis’ half-brother, Bash, gets involved. Drama, murder, love and lust all flood the castle walls, but the tragic love story of Mary and Francis is one for the ages. This show has endless drama and will leave you wanting more.

After reading this list, I hope you decide to hunker down on the couch or in bed with some delicious snacks and enjoy one of these classics. Or, maybe you’ll take caution from me and you’ll find something new. Regardless, happy binging!