By Michelle Lu Tian

If you know me, then you know I love to dance. I’ve been doing it since I was five years old, and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. 

But it hasn’t been too long since I really discovered the dance industry and started loving a few of the big names, including Matt Steffanina, Kyle Hanagami and Bailey Sok.

One particular dancer, though, is where I have to let my love shine a little more: Kaycee Rice.

I’m obsessed with her. Like, it’s insane how much I’m obsessed with her. She’s just a sweet 17-year-old, but my god, she dances like she owns the world. Every single time I see a new YouTube video of her dancing, I stop whatever I’m doing and I watch it. I don’t even care if I’m in class… I’m watching it ASAP. 

In the middle of February, I had a 9 a.m. class to catch, and I had already woken up way too late. But I still stayed the extra few minutes in my dorm just to watch her newly-released choreography video for Justin Bieber’s “Intentions,” featuring Steffanina. Watch it right now — it’ll water your crops and clear your skin.

There are also some specific Kaycee-featured dance videos that I have memorized. Like, seared-in-my-brain memorized. That’s saying a lot, considering I normally don’t pick up choreography very quickly and haven’t watched the tutorials to the dances. 

My memorization of her work is just the result of me sitting in my bed with the biggest smile on my face, watching the videos 8,945 times. Okay, that’s an exaggeration, but take out the four and the five and it’s an accurate number.

And this goes without saying, but seeing her slay it on the dance floor makes me want to do the same. I feel free when I dance, and I’m not as afraid to show my emotions. Kaycee is honestly such a light; I could watch her dance for hours and I’d never get bored. 

To a non-dancer, watching her videos might not make you faint. I’m also a dramatic person, and her dancing really is the cherry on top to my over excitement; all of my friends know how much I love her, and I don’t text back for a few hours, they know I was doing at least one of these three things: napping, watching Netflix or screaming about Kaycee’s new video. It’s often the third choice. 

Kaycee is my go-to for everything. When I’m bored, when I’m stressed and when I’m happy. In any situation, she sprinkles sunshine onto my day. Especially now that we’re all quarantined, she’s basically the only thing keeping me somewhat positive. 

I hope you have an idol who makes you as happy as Kaycee makes me. And if you do, then you can definitely relate to my excessive fangirling. 

Also, Kaycee, if you’re reading this … I’m not a psycho, I swear. I just really love you.

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