By Katherine Wright 

It’s always entertaining to reminisce on past memories, even when thinking back on the more unpleasant times of your life … like high school. 

Whether you fell asleep in class, got in trouble for something you didn’t do or “bumped into” a teacher’s car in the school parking lot, I guarantee you that it is much easier to talk (and laugh) about those messy incidents in hindsight. 

Those embarrassing moments really do become the funniest stories, even if it takes years to finally think so. And in the spirit of nostalgia, I have created a list of most-relatable high school horror stories to remind you of your terrible pasts.

  1. When you cried during your on-the-road driver’s ed lesson. 
  2. When you didn’t have as much time at prom as you thought you would, felt badly about it, and thought “am I doing that whole ‘having fun thing’ wrong?”
  3. That time some creepy guy cat-called you on your first solo trip to a big city. 
  4. Crying in the bathroom after a particularly rough math test. 
  5. When you started babysitting and then decided never to have kids. 
  6. Wearing headphones in the hallways to remind people that you don’t want them to talk to you, thank you very much. 
  7. Those more-likely-true-than-not rumors that someone had sex under the stairs. 
  8. The librarian accused you of doing too much online shopping on your computer, when you were really just doing your homework. And also shopping online. 
  9. Writing an essay on a book you didn’t read. 
  10. Never assimilating to a 6 a.m. alarm clock.
  11. Your first trip to the gynecologist.
  12. When you had some sort of profound realization, followed by self-doubt and contemplation. 
  13. That time you went to debate camp and instantly regretted it.
  14. Constant anxiety about grades, relationships and toxic shock syndrome.
  15. When you pulled an all-nighter and then took your geometry quiz upside down. 
  16. The first time you texted in class (and felt like a badass). 
  17. The first time you got in trouble for texting in class (and felt like a badass). 
  18. When you hated yourself after seeing perfectly Instagrammable photos of the popular girls.
  19. When you wondered who takes those perfectly Instagrammable photos of the popular girls.
  20. Your teacher wouldn’t let you drink water in class because he read an article about kids sneaking vodka into school. 
  21. You got kicked out of your sex ed class for laughing at the word “penis.” 
  22. Shamelessly eating cookie dough and watching rom-coms in bed whenever you wanted to (This one is not unfortunate, but actually quite wonderful, and you miss it).

And as long as we’re all practicing social distancing, it seems like there has never been a better time to eat junk food, listen to your favorite high school-era playlist and flip through old yearbooks. Take in the nostalgia, the embarrassment, the memories and all of the wonderful unfortunateness while you can. Maybe it’ll lift your spirits.