By Liam Grogan

I, like all of you (hopefully), have been spending more time at home recently. I’ve been reading my tuition statements more times than anyone could possibly guess. 

It’s just been me, my family, our two dogs and a never ending amount of time that is constantly consuming us. So, we’ve all been doing something we haven’t been forced to do in about 14 years: get to know each other. 

I don’t know if my sister already told you, but did you know that she finished on the podium at her conference ski meet? That’s pretty cool. I skied in middle and high school, but I didn’t get the podium until freshman year. 

She’s just in eighth grade. I was always a good skier, but she’s on track to be miles ahead of where I ever was. 

And my brother is doing this really cool thing in high school that I never used to do. It’s called “turning in all of your assignments on the day that they’re due.” I’m not sure I ever finished a single paper in all four years until at least two weeks after it was due, but he’s out here just taking everything in stride, crushin’ high school in a way I could’ve only dreamed of.

After talking to these two people, I began to realize that they’re both really good at random stuff. Like, really, really good. Actually, it might even be more than that. They might be … better than me? 

I know what you’re thinking. “Liam, you’re the oldest sibling, I’m sure that can’t possibly be true.” And that’s very kind of you to say, but I’m beginning to suspect that it is. 

Things just seem to come very easily to them in a way that actually makes me jealous. My sister will be one of the best female skiers in the state by the time she reaches her later years of high school, and is one of the hardest workers I’ve ever known. 

My brother seems to have high school on lock, and maneuvers everything without any of the anxieties and doubts that always plagued me. It’s truly incredible, and I’ve never hated both of them more. 

And while that’s absolutely not true, it is a weird feeling to realize that your younger siblings are about to surpass you; we’re all getting older and becoming our own people. 

I had the strange surprise of coming home last week and realizing that for the first time, my brother is taller than me. And while beginning to realize that we’re all getting ready to go lead our own lives is sad, it’s clear that they’re both one day destined for something greater, and now I’m just ready to help however I can.

But the new family dog likes me the most, so who really wins?