By Katrina Liu

I know everyone has been saying it, but I think it’s important to reiterate: we are living through a time that will be considered a crucial part of future history lessons. 

There are new developments in the news every time we wake up and the country is in standstill. Despite all the chaos, there are silver linings in it all. 

While students were still on spring break and the coronavirus outbreak was not yet so prevalent in the university community, I spent my birthday with some childhood friends. These three individuals have been through it all with me, and we’ve supported each other through many ups and downs. This global pandemic is one we can add to the list. 

We spent the evening reminiscing about memories from our growing up, but also voicing thoughts on the present. I can’t remember the last time I’ve sat down and talked to my friends for hours over something that makes us all feel so uncertain. We were, and continue to be, confused, scared and a little angry. 

We shared anger over how our respective universities brought up the notion of shutting down (at the time, school closing notices were pouring in every hour). We were angry because just as life seemed to be going well for all of us, it would soon be turned upside down. 

We mostly felt extreme confusion, though. We’ve never lived through something like this before, and we may not live through another event like this. As my friends chatted and got ready for bed, I remember thinking to myself how everything was going to change within the next week. And it did just that. 

Universities transitioned from closing facilities temporarily to closing for the rest of the semester. My old high school would eventually suspend classes until April. Social isolation went from a suggestion to a requirement. Day by day, minute by minute, the news channels would report new information of the likes. 

Where’s the silver lining? Well, having no distractions forces us to rethink ourselves. Everyone is pushed to their limits, so in the calamity, you also see acts of kindness. The chaos in stillness is a new territory, but it’s one that will help us grow in the long run. 

Even with all the unhinged emotions after the school year came to a halt and we try to adapt to an abnormal way of life, I urge everyone to take a step back and find the light in a situation full of darkness. It’s not easy, but we should be able to look back on this time as a period of growth in one of the most confusing times of our lives.