By Michelle Lu Tian

Remember when we said to ourselves that 2020 was going to be our year? Well, was I right? 

We rang in this new year with the Australian bushfires, then thought there was going to be a World War III. Next, a legendary athlete and his daughter passed away. But now? COVID-19, a pandemic that has majorly screwed us over, and we’re only in the third month of 2020. 

In honor of the TikTok girl in me … it’s corona time

The majority of U.S. universities, including our own, have suspended in-person classes, instructing students to use online platforms like Zoom. These apps allow students to interact with their professors and classmates in a chat room at the time normally slated for in-person instruction. 

Because of the transition into the digital age in conjunction with self-quarantine to prevent the spread of COVID-19, students have earned the title “quaranteens.”

This definitely sucks for most college students. As a freshman, I’m disappointed that I won’t be able to make new connections. I just started making new friends, but now I have to do long-distance with them. 

It was already hard to be away from my new friends for a month during winter break, and now I’m expected to leave them for almost six whole months? 

The universe is crazy, sis. 

And don’t even get me started on the seniors this year; the possibility that they might have no commencement ceremony is so upsetting.

Although, let’s go back to my previous point about long-distance friendships. I think we can all agree it’s just not the same when we don’t get to be with one another every single day. The college environment promotes social interaction, and while some people are just exhausting to be around, it’s our good friends who can make college the best few years of our lives.

I’m scared I’ll drift apart from my new friends. There were a few who I wanted to get closer with and I hate that I can’t do that now. 

If you’re worried about the same issues as I am, FaceTime those people. Trust me, I hate FaceTiming people because that’s just not my thing, but you’re basically stuck in your room all day right now, so why not share your misery together? You might not be able to be physically with each other, but it’s the best option there is. 

FaceTime allows you to spill some tea, make more inside jokes and just be dumb best friends together. It’s a lot harder to do any of that over text. 

Besides, you’re Zooming your professors. And that’s the worst kind of virtual interaction there is. I’m sure you can survive FaceTime with your friends if that’s the case. 

Obviously, this situation sucks for everyone, some more than others. But we just have to power through. 
Look on the bright side, though. If we can survive this, is there really anything we can’t survive?