By Julia Furmanek 

Boston winters can take a lot out of you. From the incessant winds, the unchanging state of gray in the sky and the onslaught of assignments that begin to pile up at this point in the semester, February can get pretty bleak.

As March rolls around and Boston University students look forward to the reprieve of spring break, here are some ways to wake your creativity. 

Poetry on the fifth floor of Mugar Library 

While you may have already visited this space for the sake of finding a quiet study space, this spot is home to hundreds upon thousands of poetry books. Waltz into spring with the lyrics of writers like Plath, Sexton, Lowell and Snodgrass to ponder what it really means to be a Bostonian. 

Take a walk through the Fens

As the world starts to thaw and green things come creeping out of the ground, we are meant to spend more time in nature. Head out to the Fens, a park just beyond the Fenway/Kenmore neighborhood, to be surrounded by victory gardens and a quaint little brook to get your fix of natural, picturesque living in this modern metropolis. 

Visit the Museum of Fine Arts

Speaking of picturesque, the Museum of Fine Arts is the perfect spot to bask in creative energy and take a little time for quiet observation. Some current exhibitions to check out include Women Take the Floor, Elsa Dorfman: Me and My Camera and Black Histories, Black Futures.

Bring some greenery home with you

I’m from a quiet, woodsy town in Connecticut and I always start to miss nature at this time of year. If clubs, homework and classes get in the way of visiting spots like the Fens, the Esplanade, the walkway standing between the BU campus, or even the Charles, bring the outdoors in and liven up your space with some potted plants. Plants offer great health benefits; plus, it’s super aesthetic.

Get crafty 

With the free time that opens up during spring break, take that opportunity to try out new hobbies and engage in creative activities. Doodle in your notebook, get collaging, take some cool photos and channel your inner artist. 

Allow yourself to be unproductive 

Take a break from constantly thinking of homework assignments and give yourself permission to take a mindful break. Your homework can wait and will probably benefit from a rested brain. 

Ride the T to nowhere

Ever seen what the Wonderland stop on the Blue Line brings you to? Neither have I. Not only is public transit great for people watching, but heading somewhere you’ve never been is the perfect way to start an adventure. 

Hopefully, some of these ideas will help you shake things up as you begin to wade out from the drudgery of winter. Spring cannot come soon enough.