By Michelle Lu Tian 

I started writing this piece the night before its deadline. I had the entire week, but I decided to put it off until today when I have heaps of homework waiting ahead of me. 

This is procrastination at its finest. 

I love procrastinating. It’s probably the only thing I’m a master at. And I’m pretty sure that if you’re reading this, you’re procrastinating as well. 

We’ve always been told to not do our homework at the last minute or study the night before the exam because we won’t retain the information well. However, I’m here to play devil’s advocate. 

Procrastination is encoded in my genes. It’s a natural part of me, and just like you can’t get rid of the things you’re born with, I will never be able to sit down and get to work immediately after being assigned something. 

I’ve found that sometimes, leaving your work to the last minute can be beneficial. 

The process starts with panic. I think to myself, “Oh no, this assignment is due in two hours and I haven’t written a single word down.” That panic kind of motivates me to focus because I know that if I don’t get that worksheet done I’m screwed. 

When I’m giving 100 percent of my attention to something, I’m hyper-aware of everything I’m writing or typing and the ideas just flow out. I get in the zone. I force myself to focus and to give it my best effort because there’s no other option. It’s terrifying, but it works out in the end. 

That’s why I am at my most productive at 2 a.m. With a deadline creeping up on me, I pay more attention to any errors because I know I won’t have time to revise it. 

If I start a worksheet three days before it’s due, I won’t focus enough because I know I’ll have enough time to correct it. I think we all know that sometimes going back to revise our work is exhausting, and we don’t truly give it our all because we know that it’s done and that’s all that matters. 

Obviously, everyone is different. If you feel like you’re procrastinating and your work isn’t as good as you think it can be, then please don’t put it off. You have to do what’s best for yourself.

But if you’re the one percent of the population that actually doesn’t procrastinate, I admire you. You have a superpower, my dude. Keep using it.