By Julia Furmanek

This past December, I did a thing. I shaved my head. 

After years of trying to grow my hair out — only sabotaging the progress with some impulsive, emotionally-instigated cuts, or, even worse, botched home-dye jobs — I had enough. 

At this point, my hair was dead three times over, assaulted by a slew of chemical treatments, ruined in texture and indistinguishable in color. 

My poor, damaged hair could not be saved. 

One fateful Friday night, I sat on my bathroom floor and asked my friend to buzz my head for me. Unable to see a mirror, my apprehension grew to panic as I watched clump after clump of hair fall onto my lap. There was no going back. 

When I finally looked in the mirror, I felt an overwhelming sense of relief. As someone who had gone through a great range of hair colors and lengths in the past, I never felt content with my look. 

I finally felt like myself as I looked into the mirror without focusing on the aspect of my appearance I had fixated on and tried to change so often. 

Shaving my head was something I had considered for a long time, but never had the courage to do so until my hair damage left me with no choice. Had I known all of the benefits of having short hair earlier, I would have done it much sooner and saved myself the trouble. 

For those of who have considered a buzz cut (or even just a shorter hairstyle), here are some reasons to take the plunge.

Your morning routine becomes much less tedious

Tired of wrestling your bedhead through the exhausting ritual of conditioning, blow drying, brushing, straightening, et cetera? Having a buzz cut omits the need to fuss with your hair at all … ever. 

Working out gets a whole lot easier

As a runner, I suffered the pain of having my own pony tail smack me in the eyes too many times. With my hair as it currently is, I never have to think about bringing a hair tie to the gym. I also don’t have to interrupt my workout to stop and adjust my bun as it falls apart. 

Bald girls make great little spoons 

Is your S.O. tired of pushing copious amounts of hair out of their face when you cuddle? Mine used to be.

It’s super easy to change hair colors

My hair will grow out in about two or three weeks. This means I can still indulge in all the wild colors I like without the fear of long-term hair damage. 

Every outfit you wear looks a hundred times cooler

Statement earrings? Yes. Black turtlenecks? Yes. Combat boots? Oh, yes. 

Not having hair allows you to live out your middle school punk dreams in low maintenance. 

It gives your hair a chance to start fresh

Our hair is exposed to so much damage from heat, color treatments, split ends; the list goes on. You will find that after the chop, your hair will be much healthier and will grow back stronger than ever. 

For people who like to experiment with their appearance, I hope this motivates you. 

Pro-tip: if you decide to shave your head in the dead of winter, make sure to invest in some quality hats.