By Katrina Liu

It’s safe to say that a place like Boston is not for the weak-minded, especially as a student at Boston University. With a rich historical background and many successful companies in the area, it’s a city of modern evolution and progressive thinking. 

Boston seems like a city that rarely sleeps, and as I like to think of it, it’s a quieter version of New York City. 

With a population of over 35,000 undergraduate students at BU, it’s hard to stand out. Between being raised in the area and going to college here, I’ve noticed that the pace never slows down and I often feel like I have to catch up to others.

BU is a university for independently driven students. We take our own initiative to get the grades we want and to better ourselves. No one holds our hands, and I love that. I love being independent and feeling like I’m taking control of my future, but it also gets exhausting when that feeling never stops. 

Whether it’s school work, searching for internships, having a job, maintaining a social life or a mix of all of that, it’s only human to need a break from time to time. Balance is important for a healthy life, but keeping that balance can also be extremely draining. 

So what do you do? Well, you could sleep the day away, which I think a lot of us are guilty of doing from time to time. But that’s just a temporary remedy. 

You could also take some deep breaths and push on, because this city is filled with people who are determined and never stop. But you are a part of that group. Even when you feel behind, you have to keep going. 

In the moment, it might feel like the impossible, but you will push through. 

We all have unique experiences that we’ve had to push through — those times when minutes feel like hours, and when we wish the current day would pass. But we got through all those times by pushing through and not giving up. 

Even in a city that never stops, we can take charge of it.