By Aasha Amber Bhatnagar

Whether you’re in a committed relationship or flying solo, I think we can all agree that Valentine’s Day was way better in elementary school than it is in college. 

Cut-out cards, little boxes for your classmates to distribute Valentines in, Conversation Hearts and Pixie Sticks were all the rage in the 2000s. But now that the day of love is right around the corner and elementary school was ages ago,  I wonder why this day is still relevant. 

Don’t get me wrong — I love the color pink, eating chocolate and everything heart-shaped just as much as the next girl does. But does there really need to be a special day for cheesy couples to stage a production of some majorly gross PDA in front of everyone? 

Maybe it’s because I’ll be sitting alone in my bed watching the “Gossip Girl” series for the fifth time with a box of chocolates that I bought for myself at CVS, but I think Valentine’s Day should be more inclusive of those of us who are flying solo.

With V-Day approaching us this Friday, here’s my official Singles Inclusive Valentine’s Day Guide:

Curl up and watch a chick-flick with your friends.

Who says you have to spend Valentine’s Day with your S.O.? If your friends are also staying in for Valentine’s Day, rent a chick-flick or a rom-com and shamelessly order that heart-shaped pizza from Domino’s. Sometimes, just having a fun day with your friends can mean all the world. 

Significant others come and go, but your best friends will be there. Treat the friends who will stick it thin and thick with you for every heartbreak, smile, laugh and memory to a fun night in.

Treat yourself and some friends to brunch.

Who needs cheesy, romantic dates when you can treat yourself and your friends to brunch at some of the cutest cafes in town? Head over to your nearest Tatte Bakery and Cafe, and grab some sweets that make for some Instagram-worthy pictures. Or, if you’re feeling crafty, log onto Pinterest for inspiration and throw together a brunch at home with festive foods and drinks. 

Celebrate Anti-Valentine’s Day.

For the cynical single, Sofar Sounds is hosting an Anti-Valentine’s at Union Square. This is for those of us who are tired of annoying PDA, hand holding and just want to listen to some good break up music. Anti-Valentine’s Day starts at 7:30 p.m., so get all your solo friends together and protest the protocol.

You might be single and ready to mingle (did I really just say that?).

In the Boston Park Plaza this year, there will be a Singles Valentine’s Day Mixer where you can meet eligible singles in the Boston area. Harvard Gardens is also hosting a Valentine’s Singles Mingle on Feb. 14th when there will be live bands, photo booths, decorations and drinks. There is no cover charge, which is a huge bonus for events like these. 

With so many things to do, there’s no need to have a pitiful Valentine’s Day in a city full of young people.