By Liam Grogan

Another awards season has come and gone, leaving us moviegoers suffering in the aftermath. As we begin to discuss the biggest snubs of the night, this is usually the time where anger reaches peak level. 

I went into Oscar Sunday fully expecting to write this piece feeling downright furious, but instead, something even more surprising happened: I’m not. 

Well, for the most part at least. Of course there were a few picks that rubbed me the wrong way, but overall, I feel like pretty much every award was well deserved. I’m not used to saying this, but the Academy… largely got it right this year. 

Don’t worry, though. I’m still going to make my grievances known, just so the Academy doesn’t get too big of a head. So, let’s dive into an Oscar’s retrospective before finally and blissfully putting the topic to bed. 

I have mixed feelings about Taika Waititi taking home the hardware for “Best Adapted Screenplay” for “Jojo Rabbit.” I love Waititi’s work, so it’s not that I don’t think it was a deserving win. However, this is the award that cemented Greta Gerwig’s inexplicable snub by the Academy. 

I really thought Gerwig would be guaranteed “Best Adapted Screenplay” to compensate for the “Best Director” snub, but obviously, the experts had other ideas. Oh, Greta. You really deserved so much better.

Meanwhile, we’ve all known for months that “Toy Story 4” would win “Best Animated Film.” When you combine a great movie with Disney funding the awards campaign, it seems inevitable. But while “Toy Story 4” felt unnecessary to the larger narrative, “How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World” wrapped up its epic trilogy in masterful fashion. 

I really hope the “How to Train Your Dragon” movies don’t become just a footnote in film history, because they truly culminated as one of the greatest trilogies of all time.

Going into a special lightning round: Laura Dern and Brad Pitt for “Best Supporting Actress” and “Best Supporting Actor” were both predictable, but very well deserved. 

While it’s still insane that “Apollo 11” wasn’t nominated, “American Factory” was a good pick for “Best Documentary Feature.” 

Although I personally wanted “The Lighthouse” for “Best Cinematography,” ”1917’s” win doesn’t upset me one bit either. But it does cement A24’s egregious snub this year.

And that’s it. Those are all the big ones. I don’t think I’m missing anything, right?



Did you really think I could’ve forgotten about this one? As a foreign film, I really thought “Parasite” had no shot, but I guess dreams really do come true. And Bong Joon Ho for “Best Director?” Um, obviously. Scorsese, who? Tarantino? Nah. Gerwig? Well, I can’t diss her because she actually deserved a lot better than what she got. 

But seriously. “Parasite’s” win will go down as an important moment in the Academy Awards history, and I’m so glad I got to watch it happen.