By Katherine Wright 

Whether it’s a big or little issue, we tend to struggle to stand up for ourselves. It could be an everyday inconvenience or a greater, more impactful feat, but either way, it’s time we start speaking up. 

Here’s a list of those times you didn’t stand up for yourself (but maybe should have):

  1. When you told your hairdresser you loved your new haircut, but then went home and cried. 
  2. When your teacher mistakenly took points off an assignment, even though you got the answer right.  
  3. When no one heard your joke, so another person said it again but louder and got credit for the laughs. 
  4. When the middle school lunch supervisor yelled at you in the middle of a crowded cafeteria because they thought you were the one who started the food fight.  
  5. When you were criticized for dropping the ball … but it was just a really bad throw. 
  6. When you called shotgun, but your older sibling took the front seat regardless. 
  7. When you found a curly fry in your order of regular fries. (Except, you know, this one is awesome, so you probably wouldn’t want to speak up.)  
  8. All those times your friend forgot to pay you back. 
  9. When the table next to you in the restaurant gets their food first, even though they ordered waaay later than you did. 
  10. When the deceptively-ripe-looking watermelon you purchased was actually terrible (there’s nothing you can really do about this one, but it’s just so disappointing). 
  11. You ordered Coke but received Pepsi. 
  12. When Siri texted “I love you” to the wrong person. 
  13. When you were asked — last minute — to work overtime, causing you to miss out on a fun night you had planned for weeks. 
  14. When you told your friends you didn’t care which movie you watched … but you totally did.
  15. When the cashier forgot to apply your discount code. 
  16. When someone cuts you off in a long line. 
  17. When you didn’t want your peanut allergy to be an inconvenience, so you cheerfully ate the pad thai your friend’s mom served you and then quietly used your EpiPen in the bathroom.