By Olivia Ritter

I’m sure you’re hearing this everywhere: good ways to prepare yourself for finals. But, I’m going to tell you how I will be preparing for finals and if you want to make my routine yours, be my guest. 

After four semesters as a college student, I have a pretty steady way of navigating finals. Of course, I still stress out, cry a few times and constantly yearn for the day I go home and leave school behind. However, I think this little routine keeps me a tad more sane than the next person.


Buy good study snacks

This may seem obvious and that it goes without saying, but study snacks are the key to success (in some ways). Food is the perfect way to take a break or even add some motivation. Every section of notes equals one snack break. 

My favorite study snacks of all are salty — basically any potato chip from Trader Joe’s. However, you may want to pick up your favorite sweet. Whether it’s Hershey Kisses or a little bag of Sour Patch Watermelons, having your favorite snack foods on hand will keep you smiling through the most stressful time of the semester. 


Prepare your study guides early

I have found that the later I wait to get my study materials ready, the more I scramble right before test day. I have gotten into the habit of compiling everything I may need for the exam about a week in advance, so that I don’t miss anything that may show up. 

Though this is definitely a lot of work, I’ve found that it helps ease my mind a bit that I have a study guide ready to go, even if I don’t end up studying until the night before. 


Find a key study spot

Again, this may go without saying. But, it’s important to find a good spot where you can really focus on what you need to be doing. Ideally, this place is in public so that you feel bad about yourself if you pull up Disney+ when you’re supposed to be studying for your economics final. 

Though, during the semester I stick to studying and working on my couch, I find that venturing out of my apartment helps me get down to business. My all-time favorite study spot on campus is Hillel. Bonus: the Hillel staff comes around with treats all day. 


Take breaks

That’s right. This is a reminder that it is totally okay to stop working for 30 minutes to an hour, just to give your brain a second to breathe. If I study for too long without taking a minute to stop thinking, my brain quits absorbing the information. At that point, you’re just staring at your notes and nothing is really staying in your brain.

So budget your study time. Make sure you have ample time to get everything done and absorb what needs to be absorbed for exams, but also make sure you do close out your study guides and open up Netflix, to put something different in your brain.


Go to sleep early

It is completely false that everyone needs to stay up studying for hours on end, just because there are no classes during the study period. Take advantage of the free time and get to sleep early and wake up early (at least earlier than normal). This way, not only are you less exhausted, you have the whole day to get some studying done. 


Finals week is different for everyone. People might have four finals, or two on one day, while others may be gone by Dec. 12 because they just didn’t have any. No matter what, it’s important to prepare yourself instead of letting the stress drown you.

If none of these work, think of the luxurious month-long break you’ll have from BU and all of the stress that goes along with it. Good luck and have a great winter break!