By Sophia Yakumithis

I’m just gonna say it: November through March, I feel ugly. 

I know I’m not the only person who feels this way this time of year, especially because we humans have a bunch of factors working against our sheer existences. The frigid air makes our skin and hair drier than a Popeye’s biscuit. Also, 90 percent of the food consumed between mid-November through January is pure sugar, making us prone to chronic bloatedness and sluggishness.

“Ugly” might be a little harsh to describe what I’m feeling right now, though. Perhaps the connotation of words like “unappealing” or “gross” are closer to what I’m going for. Regardless, I hate the feeling. A lot.

This week, I explored some remedies to combat my winter ugliness and while none of them worked, I did come up with some tips on how to power through what I’m dubbing “The Winter Uglies.”


Accept it.

If you can accept that winter just has a bad effect on most people, you’re already ahead of the curve. The Winter Uglies come every year, some worse than others. Cry it out. There’s nothing we can do but accept our fate and hopefully that’ll make it easier to fight every year.


Let yourself be lazy.

I run into the problem of feeling like a worthless potato in the wintertime because I wake up freezing, feeling like a demon extracted what was left of my soul from my frail body. Once school and work are over, I have no energy left to do anything at all. And that’s okay. We don’t have to be productivity machines every second, no matter what our “ugly” brain tells us. Sometimes, the remedy to feeling like crap is receding to your bed with a hot beverage and a good book — just don’t turn it into a refuge or continual habit.


Drink water.

I can not stress this enough, so don’t laugh at me — this tip is crucial to bypass Winter Uglies. Water will clear your skin, hydrate your hair and all that good stuff. Plus, it’ll bloat you on top of the bloat you already have, so when your bladder “does its thing,” you’ll feel a little less like a snow globe. 


Know that it’ll pass. 

Yeah, I’m impatient too. But I promise  when you wake up tomorrow and you drink enough water after crying your eyes out, you’ll feel like a new, less-ugly person. 


I hope these four simple tips make your Winter Uglies a little less harsh. If not, hopefully the acknowledgement of this epidemic is enough to get you through the last week of classes.