By Autumn Moon

Everyone has a favorite song. We may turn it up at parties, listen to it on repeat in our headphones or share it with someone else. We may sing it at the top of our lungs in the shower or blast it while going on a nighttime drive.

No matter what mood I may be in, music somehow manages to lift me up and get me excited for what’s ahead. I often take music for granted, as it plays such a large role in my life that I sometimes forget about it altogether. 

Music is not only representative of someone’s culture or personality, but it can also completely alter people’s mood and outlook. 

Whenever I’m having a bad day, I love to listen to songs that remind me of a time when I was extremely happy. I am an avid user of Spotify, and I create playlists that fit all of my moods. I even make a playlist for each month of the year, which helps me reminisce on my experiences from that particular month.

Not everyone may love music like I do, but it is indisputable that it plays a large role in many peoples’ lives, individuality and culture. Whether you use music to dance, sing, wake up in the morning or get from class to class, it has the ability to make any situation more fun.

Think about going to a party with no music, or the gym. Music can totally alter situations and make them go from boring or uncomfortable to exciting and enjoyable in a second. 

I was thinking a lot about the importance of music when I was walking to class. I was tired and stressed about an upcoming midterm. As it rained, all I wanted was to be in bed. However, as I put my AirPods in, one of my favorite songs started to play.

I felt re-energized. With a skip in my step, my morning completely changed. I felt ready to take on my day as fond memories associated to the song I was listening too flooded in my head. Music is one of lifes’ greatest gifts that often goes unappreciated. 

Interestingly enough, there is evidence to explain my dramatic mood change. Music can have an immense impact on human emotional processes. Studies have highlighted that music has the ability to regulate a wide range of both positive and negative emotions. According to Science Daily, fMRI scans show that music has a serious impact on human brain circuits, which happens to be most functional when someone is listening to their favorite song.

Although, at times, I take music for granted, I have grown to realize how powerful it can be. Just like other forms of art, music paints the colors of life and brings joy to not only our ears but our souls.