By Aasha Amber Bhatnagar

It’s safe to say, I’m a huge Disney fanatic. So, naturally, I subscribed to Disney+ the day it was released. For those of you who don’t know, Disney+ is Disney’s new online streaming service that has nearly every single Disney movie and show for you to binge for hours on end — “Suite Life of Zack and Cody” and “Hannah Montana” fans, rejoice! 

While some content won’t be available until the future, Disney+ still has an outstanding selection of movies and shows. Starting from movies in the 1930s to now, that’s a ton of Disney shows and movies to binge and to top it all off, the subscription is just over $6 per month.

Here’s my full, honest and a little biased review of Disney+.


The Pros

Let’s be real, there’s a ton pros to Disney+. For a little more than the price of one Starbucks drink, you get nearly the entire Disney repertoire of content for a month. It’s as easy as “bibbity bobbity boo” to log on and watch an endless amount of Disney princess classics. Not only are there the classic movies we all know and love, but shows that make our inner pre-teen scream like “Wizards of Waverly Place” and more. 

With Christmas just around the corner, you can also binge-watch the entire “Home Alone” series, “Frozen” or a plethora of other Christmas-themed Disney movies. 

You can have multiple devices logged in at once, so it’s easy to share the account with your family. You can be logged in on up to seven devices at once, making all of your family members happy with a show or movie of their choice.

Another pro that I love is that you can download anything to watch offline on the Disney+ app. Say goodbye to being bored on those long plane rides home, because you can download as much Disney+ content as your brain can handle for offline use.


The Cons

There are barely any cons to this incredible streaming service. However, since Disney+ experiences a lot of traffic and it is extremely new, it’s still glitchy. It’s easy to miss, but some tabs do not respond when you click them. Or, you click one tab and it brings you to another. 

Obviously, these cons are nothing compared to the ability to watch the entire Disney catalogue, so it’s easy to ignore, which I’ve been doing. 



Goodbye, Netflix? Definitely not, but now that I have Disney+, I can’t live without it. While Netflix will always be my go-to for just about anything, sometimes I crave to watch those pre-teen Disney shows and classic movies that Netflix doesn’t have. For only a small cost, I can enjoy the “Best of Both Worlds.” 

All in all, I definitely recommend Disney+. If you were on the fence about whether it’s worth it, stop thinking about it because it definitely is. Though the monthly price is just right for now, they will probably raise it in the future to compete with Netflix and Hulu, but don’t let that get in the way of the magic of Disney.