By Amber Aasha Bhatnagar

Black Friday is America’s most cutthroat day of shopping. From sales that make clothes basically free to the Best Buy electronics frenzy, you can buy almost anything you want for a great deal — if you can survive the crowds of people. 

Prioritize the stores that have the most items you want first so you can whiz in and out in a breeze with your deals. It will also save you a lot of time in the crowds. 

Here are my top tips to snag a deal during the shopping frenzy and to make this Black Friday (and Cyber Monday) stress-free.


Makeup Deals 

Sephora already has their holiday gift sets out that range from lipsticks to full skin-care lines. 

If you want to beat the crowds and get some makeup deals, Sephora has amazing deals on Cyber Monday. Nearly everything on the site will be on sale, so you can snag those expensive foundations and hair products that have been in your Sephora wish list. This way, you can shop till your Internet drops, rather than you. 


Fashion Deals

Nearly every clothing store will have a deal on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Some of the best ones are at department stores like Macy’s, which will be having 40 percent off shoes, 50 percent off handbags and many more doorbuster deals. 


Electronic Deals

Electronics are the biggest sellers on Black Friday. From Apple products to the best TVs at Best Buy, you can assure that nearly every electronic device will be on sale for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

Best Buy will have the most deals on the most items. According to their 2019 Black Friday advertisements, TVs will be on sale for as low as $199. 


Deals On Everything Else

Not sure where to go or what to buy this Black Friday? Head over to a superstore like Walmart or Target to find something you like. These bigger stores have great sales and have almost anything and everything. Stores like Walmart and Target are perfect for early Christmas shopping because they have something in stock for just about everyone. But beware — these stores can be very dangerous with human stampedes once the clock strikes midnight. 


Online Shopping

Do you hate crowds and would rather shop from the comfort of your bed? Many stores will be having Black Friday sales online, but there will be better online deals on Cyber Monday. 

Amazon, for one, has huge sales on Cyber Monday on lots of items. Pick up electronics, home goods, toys and more on Amazon this Cyber Monday without even leaving your house.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday don’t have to be stressful. As long as you stick to a clear plan and budget, you can shop till you drop without blinking an eye.