By Leigh Brandt

About a year ago, I jumped on the bandwagon and purchased my very own pair of AirPods.

Saying goodbye to my previous headphones was a bit of a game-changer for me — no longer was I tied down by tangled cords and worries about whether my iPhone was compatible with the new pairs of corded headphones I constantly found myself buying.

Last year, I wore my AirPods mainly at the gym and sometimes when I was studying at the library. Aside from those two activities, though, I wasn’t much of an avid user. However, my first semester at BU has transformed my experience and relationship with headphones. 

Walking down Commonwealth Avenue to class, I am overwhelmed by the number of students who own AirPods as well. Some jam out, others mouth the lyrics to their favorite songs and many, like me, are more reserved with their listening style.

The abundance of AirPods on campus prompted me to conduct an informal study. I rarely wore my AirPods to class, mainly just because I never considered the idea. But, with so many headphones catching my eye as I made my daily trek to class, I began to wonder. 

So, I wore AirPods for a week straight to and from my classes. As soon as class let out, AirPods were in and Spotify was on.

I’m not going to make the claim that I’m a changed person because I recently discovered how awesome it is to listen to music during my daily commute, but I must admit it has had a positive effect. I feel like I had a better week. Music gave me momentum and a little pep in my step. It simply put me in a better mood. 

I now plan to wear my AirPods much more frequently as I go to and from classes. I’ve heard that listening to music releases dopamine, and after only a week, I can say I was definitely feeling happier.