By Dylan Hubert

When one hears the name Randy Newman, they probably think about all of their favorite movies (or their kids’ favorite movies) full of songs composed by Newman, himself. Coming from a family full of composers, naturally, Newman fell into the business as well. 

What makes Newman such an elite icon in the composing game is his ability to seamlessly blend and mix genres, while also staying true to his roots. As a kid from southern California, he was constantly surrounded by the talent that is afforded by this prime location in entertainment. 

Although most well known for being a film composer, Newman is also an established recording artist. The song of his that has had the most meaning to me is his 1983 classic “I Love L.A.” This song is a staple at any sporting event in Los Angeles and is especially impactful when booming throughout Dodger Stadium after a walk-off win. 

When not working on songs for films, Newman can be found using his humour to satire pop culture and politics. Most notably, his 2016 Grammy award-winning song “Putin” shows the varying perspectives on Vladimir Putin is as a leader — from a shirtless, horse-riding wonderman to a ruthless dictator. 

Newman is used to being on the red carpet, as he has been nominated for 20 Academy Awards — two of those being wins. He also has three Emmys and seven Grammys, along with many other musical accolades.  

So, the next time that the credits roll on a Pixar flick, or you are cruising down Ventura Blvd. in a convertible listening to “I Love L.A.,” think about what an iconic man is making the bones in your ear rattle in such a beautiful passion. Thank you, Mr. Randy Newman.