By Dylan Hubert

Let’s be honest here; Daniel Radcliffe is and always will be Harry Potter. That is the kind of trascendental role that, no matter how badly he wants or tries to escape, he simply never will. With that being said, however, there is much more to the man than just his past of slinging spells at Slytherins. 

According to his IMDb page, Radcliffe’s mother is Jewish. In fact, Radcliffe’s name often appears on sites across the internet who tout famous, yet secretive Jews. 

One website in particular that I found interesting and informative was called “Jew or Not Jew.” According to its FAQ page, the websites purpose is “… dedicated to determining the Jewishness of various celebrities, historical figures, and fictional characters. It’s a good time.” 

That sure does sound like a good time. Although it is very entertaining and I would encourage you to spend some time enjoying the website, keep in mind that another one of their FAQs states that they aren’t experts on who is Jewish and who is not. They state that they are basically just making things up as they go along — but then again, aren’t we all?

I think that there is something fascinating about finding out who is Jewish and who is not. Possibly, this is just my inner-Jew coming out and wanting to cling on to random people that I would otherwise have no worldly connection to. But also, I think that Jewish people have intrinsic qualities to them that aren’t often found in other groups of people. 

An interesting thing that I found about Radcliffe, in particular, is that in 2016 he took the lead role as an FBI agent who has to go undercover as a neo-Nazi in the film “Imperium.” Taking a role as a skinhead must be a pretty tough role to take, especially if your family is Jewish. 

Despite his attempts to branch off into more difficult roles, and how painfully annoying it must be to only be recognized for one singular role that you took in your prepubescent years, Radcliffe will never be anything to me besides a boy with a lightning-bolt scar. A Jewish boy with a lightning-bolt scar, that is.