By Sophia Yakumithis

Has your MacBook short circuited during midterms? Well, if it hasn’t, good for you. Mine has. 

The calamity occurred on a Tuesday afternoon. I had two exams to prepare for: one on Wednesday and one on Thursday. The Wednesday exam involved math, so I decided to take the L. I needed to study especially hard for the Thursday exam, anyways. 

The Thursday exam required a lot of memorization, which made me want to focus more on that one than my Wednesday exam. That is, until I sat down in the exam room on Wednesday and was overridden with embarrassment and guilt. In that lecture hall, I realized a human being would be grading my joke of an exam. I don’t even know Newton’s Laws. I felt defeated and unable to concentrate for the rest of the day.

Even though I killed all my brain cells trying to retain a literal encyclopedia of data, the Thursday exam went as badly as I anticipated. I left the room really upset, physically ill and unable to focus in my next class.

It’s one thing to have one bad exam, but to take two in a row was a lot more taxing than I expected. I tried looking at the experience as a psychological study, considering I’m usually pretty chill about academia. I observed that I do, in fact, care about school, which I guess was nice? But I was way more upset than I should’ve been. I excused myself, went back to my empty apartment and cried a little (a lot). 

Like a Marlboro man, I kicked back in my bed with some tea, my laptop and a book. Using my MacBook as a table, I read from my book and tried to relax. Aside from the fact that my anxiety and depression were having a cock fight in my brain, all was relatively calm at 4 p.m.

Late into the evening, I awoke to my phone going off. And that, my friends, is what we call a depression nap — something I have not taken in a long time. I’ve had a lot going on, so it was an ironic wake up call to get it together. 

Fast forward to later in the night, I jolted awake, again, but this time, to the subsequent spilling of tea onto my bed and laptop. It then proceeded to short circuit, totalling the system.

I recognize that this is a first world problem, but in that moment, I did not care. I’m a college student and in this world we have no choice but to rely on technology for academics. In that moment, I was so out of it and so out of energy to process the situation. Since there was nothing I could do about it at 10 p.m., I went to bed, avoiding my already financially strapped reality.

The next morning, I was catatonic. I almost skipped class but I forced myself to get dressed, hit the books and then IT. That’s where I was given the sad news: RIP Macbook Pro. I put on my big girl pants and didn’t even throw myself a pity party. I moved on, ordered a Chromebook and had chili night with my friends. 

I am not looking back on that week. I feel a lot better now. However, if you’re ever down in the dumps, feel free to use that as a benchmark.