By Katrina Liu

“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” is a show by the same creators as beloved sitcoms “The Office,” “Parks and Recreation” and “The Good Place.” With its seventh season premiering early next year, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” is a masterpiece in every way possible. 

One of the reasons of this show’s mastery is because of the protagonist Jake Peralta, a childish, yet fantastic New York Police Department detective played by Andy Samberg, a Saturday Night Live alumnus. Out of the many television show characters I’ve seen, Jake Peralta might be my favorite one and here are some reasons why.



1. He is downright hilarious


The thing about main characters is they have to straddle the line between being funny and being annoying. Samberg does an amazing job of making Peralta a likeable character, despite his childish antics. I rarely laugh out loud when watching TV, but Samberg’s comedic timing is impeccable. 



2. His character development is visible and believable


Though sitcoms aren’t always meant to be completely realistic, good sitcoms have characters that are relatable. Great sitcoms have characters that develop in an organic manner and Peralta is one of those characters. His childishness is a part of who he is, but in important moments, he always rises to the occasion. 

The great thing about this show is that it addresses real-world dilemmas, like mistreatment of women in the workplace, and the way Peralta responds is very mature.



3. Every detail about him makes sense


This is kudos to the creators. Oftentimes, an obscure detail is mentioned about a character and then it is never addressed again, but all the details that are casually mentioned throughout the series make sense to why Peralta is the way he is. For example, it is made known that Peralta never had a father figure growing up, so when throughout the series it is revealed that he sees his police captain as his father, it makes sense. 


There are definitely many more reasons why Peralta and the rest of the cast are one of the best ensembles on TV right now, but perhaps you should see for yourself. “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” is available for streaming on Hulu, and maybe, like me, you’ll get addicted and finish all six seasons within a week.