By Leigh Brandt

People often pay the most attention to long-distance romantic relationships. But what about long-distance friendships? Is there anyone there to advocate for them? 

Here’s a bit on my own experience: 

Post-boarding school separation anxiety, I made conscious efforts to see my best friend as much as I could. Before college, we had spent every waking second of our days together and I mean that literally — we were also roommates. 

So when it came time to go our separate ways, we were both a little anxious about going to different schools.

In our first year of college, we made it work with no problem. Through daily FaceTime calls we stayed caught up in each others lives. Geographically, we weren’t too far apart so I was able to visit her often. Over the course of last year, my monthly talk and text minutes added up and I put a good amount of mileage on my car. It got to the point where I almost felt like we still went to school together.

Flash forward one year, we’ve both transferred schools and are even further away from each other. Those weekend trips I would make to visit her are no longer an option for us. 

We both worked over the summer and had pretty hectic schedules. We live three and a half hours away from each other, so as the fourth month of not seeing each other approached, I did what any friend would do and booked a flight to surprise her.

While a plane ride is not nearly as ideal as the simple car ride, I was able to make my long distance friendship work last year. These friendships are tough — but it’s worth it.