By Dylan Hubert

The kids are shrieking uncontrollably around the house, thrashing and beating each other to a pulp. The parents, with their overbearing voice and overpowering grasp, try to step in and use their brute force to separate the two children. It is at this moment that makes me wonder, who exactly is to blame? Hint: It’s not the kids. This seems like a call for the Supernanny. 

Jo Frost, known by her nickname “Supernanny” was the star of a British reality TV show that ran from 2004 to 2012. On the show, Frost would travel to homes across the United Kingdom where parents were having problems with their children. In a Mary Poppins-esque fashion, Frost would appear at their door, live in their home and, all with a charming accent, discipline their children. 

Although Frost provided no spoon full of sugar for the children, it often wasn’t so sweet for the parents, either. When I would watch this show growing up, I remember being so astounded by how out of touch some parents were. Sure, Frost had some good knowledge about parenting, but to be honest, some of these parents were just really bad at being parents. 

At the end of her stay, Frost would undoubtedly have solved the children’s problems, when in reality, she just taught the adults how to actually raise a child effectively. This makes me wonder, what made her so special? Did she actually have supernatural nanny powers or could anyone do what she had done? 

I’d argue that although Frost didn’t actually have special powers, what she did have was a fun, yet stern accent, great fashion sense and, above all else, she had the guts to tell parents that they were being moronic in the most polite way. 

Frost quit the show in 2012 to have time to build a family of her own. Although she got married in 2016, Frost still has no kids. I personally don’t blame her, considering all of the trials that she went through during the taping of her show. 

Despite my concerns for her well-being, it appears as though the Supernanny just couldn’t stay away from saving households from insanity. In true superhero fashion, Frost will be coming back into the homes of naughty in 2020 on the Lifetime Network. It remains to be seen what new troubles today’s kids will be getting themselves into, but I am sure that the Supernanny has a trick up her sleeve to deal with them — and their parents too.