By Dylan Hubert

Every year, as the leaves start to fall and pumpkins start to come out, I quickly realize it is finally the time of the year for Halloween spooks and scares. 

Halloween is the time of year where everyone stays in on their Friday nights to watch all of their favorite Halloween-themed movies. One franchise of movies that I grew up watching and continue to enjoy is the great Disney Channel series “Halloweentown.” 

The “Halloweentown” franchise was an entry for many kids into the world of Halloween movies, including myself. It brewed up the perfect amount of magic, spookiness and thrill all into three entertaining films that were enjoyable for those young and old.

The main character in these films, Marnie Piper, is portrayed by actress Kimberly J. Brown. (Yes, I do realize that Brown is not in the fourth film, but let’s be honest, that one sucked and thus will be omitted from my review.) 

Brown portrays the youthful and curious Marnie as she discovers that she comes from a family of witches and goes on a quest to discover her powers and battle evil. Looking past the fact that this sounds like a very similar plotline to another famous, magical child, these movies really deliver on all facets. 

Brown was the perfect Marnie and delivered some incredible performances throughout the three films. When I became interested in what she was up to now, I was slightly surprised to find out that “Halloweentown” is still a major part of her life. 

She has a YouTube channel with over 15,000 subscribers, where she posts sporadic videos of her answering questions about her time during “Halloweentown” mixed with original comedy shorts. 

Even though she is still an actress, none of her recent roles have amounted to the groundbreaking cultural impact of when she played Marnie. In fact, I believe that Brown knows this. 

To be honest, I think that Brown used her three-movies-worth of fame perfectly. She will always be known to many as Marnie Piper. Why try and jeopardize that by taking any major, new roles? Even if someone wanted her to be in their blockbuster, I would feel uncomfortable seeing her play anyone else besides a blossoming witch.

Thank you Kimberly J. Brown for what you have given me and my grateful peers. In an annual click of the mouse, we all rush to see the great “Halloweentown” movies in order to remind us of this beautiful world that we may or may not live in. I don’t know if witches, ghosts or ghouls are real, but thanks to you, I sure know that magic is.